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GeoRabble Perth #5, A new year, A new Rabble.

Rabble - South Park
GeoRabble 5 – We hope there aren’t any pitchforks or burning torches

Exciting news! The Perth GeoRabble crew are busy preparing to host two GeoRabble events in the next two months. “WHAT?? They’re Crazy!” I hear you exclaim…. Challenge Accepted.

The first GeoRabble for 2013 kicks off on the 14th of March and the second is organised to coincide with Big Data Week ( on the 23rd of April. The formats for these GeoRabble events takes us back to a more traditional base with interesting speakers talking about what they find passionate in the Geo / Data world.
Announcing GeoRabble Perth #5  – Return to Yesteryear –
Thursday, March 14, 2013
Venue: Upstairs at the Leederville Hotel
Time: Door @ 5:30pm for a 6:00pm start of presentations
  • Mike Bradford
  • Tom Gardner
  • Charlie Gunningham
  • Jen Hogan
  • Someone from the Curtin University’s Sustainable Policy Unit
We’ve been holding back some excellent speakers from previous rabbles, as we’ve had a sojourn through a Panel, and an Open Mic night, but GeoRabble #5 is returning to the Rabble Roots of yesteryear.  A handful speakers, 10 mins each, usual rules.  If you’d like to speak (or sponsor at future events), and you’ll be in Perth for that evening, please contact or one of the organisers (See the Perth contact page) and we’d love to hear from you.
If you’d like tickets, click through to the Eventbrite Ticket Page.
Thanks to SSSI WA Region for sponsoring this event
GeoRabble Perth #6 – Big Data Big Ideas
Tuesday April 23, 2013
Venue: To be confirmed
Speakers: To be confirmed
Sponsor: To be confirmed

GeoRabble #4 Perth – A Riot Wrap

Tom, praying to the Spatial Gods that someone will take the Microphone from him

rab·ble  /ˈrabəl/ (n) A mob, the masses, the common people

ri·ot  /ˈrīət/ (n) A disorderly crowd, a public disturbance, disorder, rebellion
We come to the final GeoRabble of 2012 or as we like to call it, the first Australian Rabble Riot. For the first time 3 GeoRabble events were held in the same week with Brisbane, Sydney and finally Perth leaving their best shows for the festive season.
In just over a year of rabbling, Western Australia has managed 4 successful rabbles with in excess of 300 attendees. More than 90 tickets were booked for GeoRabble 4 and those who attended were far from disappointed.
The Crowd warming up
The Crowd warming up

The upstairs bar at the Leederville Hotel was the home of GeoRabble for December 6th and an open floor brought the best out of the Rabble. Free flowing commentary on data, software, open-source, employment, data silos and hardware saw Santa’s wish-list grow ever longer. Chants of “Free the Data!” and “Open source is the only way!” could be heard in between support for an unnamed GIS software and a certain state government data initiative (oh, and lots of “Rabble, Rabble!”).

Nic, like a deer caught in the headlights
Nic, like a deer caught in the headlights

We’d like to thank this event’s sponsor Geoimage for the support, venue and pizza. The best organisers can’t predict where an unscripted open microphone event will head, but this one stayed interesting to the end. Beers finished, wine swilled, pizza demolished, GeoRabble 4 was a 5 star success.

Santa, I’d like more GeoRabble Perth in 2013 please, I’ve been really good boy/girl.

GeoRabble happens in various locations around Australia, is free and open to anyone, but frequently sells out.  If you would like to talk at a future Perth GeoRabble event, please send and email with the title and a short description to

This event’s sponsor – Geoimage

GeoRabble Brisbane #2 Joins Xmas GeoRiot

Brisbane is joining the GeoRabble Christmas fun happening across the country during the first week of December. After the announcement of events in Sydney and Perth, we felt Brisbane couldn’t miss out and will be holding our Christmas event at the Platform Bar of the Grand Central Hotel (beneath Central Station) on the 4th December.

Please register to attend

The main aim of the evening is to get together and have some fun, make some new friends and reconnect with existing friends. We will have some 10 minute presentations with our first speaker being Mr Wil Waters!

Wil was lucky enough to spend the past year on secondment in Cambodia working with Engineers Without Borders helping improve the GIS capabilities supporting the urban poor settlements. With support of Open Street Map and projects such as Mango Map, Wil will talk about how his experience can help others wanting to give back to areas less fortunate.

We will be adding further speakers over the coming days, and hope to have a fun and enjoyable evening. Anyone who attended our first GeoRabble Brisbane can pass on what an enjoyable evening it was, and we hope that this Christmas event will live up to that evening. We hope to see many new faces.

See you there!

GeoRabble Perth & Sydney! – Have we started a GeoRiot or is it just GeoAwesomeness?

December 6 is the date you need to keep free, make sure the kids have a babysitter and be sure you have your Geo-wish list ready as it marks the 4th installment of GeoRabble in Perth. Why is this such an important event, well firstly:

1. It is Christmas time and I’m sure everyone wants to celebrate a little; and

2. GeoRabble goes national with consecutive GeoRabble Events to be held in Sydney (with Melbourne and Brisbane in the wings?).

The 4th installment is a celebration of all things spatial and what we want to achieve is to open the conversation to all participants (yep…an open mike night) to really get under the covers of what makes this industry tick. With consecutive Georabble events to be held around the country the tweet walls will be up so everyone can join in the conversation, link up with interesting ideas and sharing stories.

So, start thinking about what drives you to do what you do, how the world can embrace spatial better an importantly, what special Geo-present you want Father Christmas you bring you this year.

So, save the date, 6th of December 2012 as the GeoRabble is coming for you.

Speakers Confirmed for GeoRabble Melbourne #3

We are proud to announce the first speakers for the next GeoRabble event in Melbourne on Wed 12 September,in the Lanai Function room at CQ Melbourne. Doors open 5:30pm talks from 6:30pm.

  • Bill Cartwright – “NEOCartography: Prospects and Issues”. Bill takes a look at what is NeoCartography and what are the opportunities, issues and challenges for the cartography and geoscience community.
  • Yvonne Thompson – “Spatio Retro”. One of the original founders of GeoRabble Melbourne and self professed old lady of spatial in Australia, Yvonne takes an introspective look about how she originally found her passion for spatial.
  • Charlie Hawkins – “Flood Modelling a failure at Geheyan dam in China”. Flooding has been a very topical event in Australia but were you ever curious to know how a place like China would compare?
  • Monica Stephens – “Guns, Germans and Stripclubs the Fates of OpenStreetMap with No Respect to Jared Diamond“. A humorous and eye opening look at the who decides the feature types in OpenStreetMap and the need to focus on the gender gap in our industry.

We still have room for 1-2 more speakers so let us know if you have a geo-story that you would like share with everyone at the next GeoRabble!!

Join our Meet-up group, or register here!

A very special thanks to our GeoAwesome Rabble-esque Sponsor without whom we couldn’t run this event and provide food to everyone …

Sponsored by Digital Mapping Solutions
Sponsored by Digital Mapping Solutions

GeoRabble Perth #3

GeoRabble #3 Perth, 25 July, Belgian Beer Cafe

A very successful event attended by 80 people, of which half had not attended before.  Several of the usual faces commented that they did not know quite a few people, so perhaps GeoRabble is succeeding in reaching out beyond the spatial nucleus.  Tom Brownlie was the Master of Ceremony and reminded people of the rules of GeoRabble – including to celebrate all things spatial.  Bringing the rabble together to quiet down and listen to the two speakers was easier than thought with the amount of chattering.  David Brady gave us a interesting talk about fact and fiction using maps as the examples.  Apparently there are lies/inconsistencies within the Asterix maps!
Continue reading GeoRabble Perth #3

Announcing GeoRabble Sydney #5, and Call for Speakers

Join us for the fifth Sydney GeoRabble, with great (short!) talks, cool people and a few drinks. And: we’re bringing back the free pizza!

When: Thursday 23 August 2012

Where: Occidental Hotel, 43 York St, Sydney.

Doors open 5:30 PM, talks start 6PM. Please join our Meetup  Group, or RSVP here, so we can plan catering.

We will be announcing speakers soon.

If you would like to talk, send an email with the title and short description to Talks are limited to 10 minutes.

GeoRabble Perth #3 Announced!

Having had a strong showing at the last Perth Georabble, the middle of the year calls another night out for GeoBeer, GeoTalks, GeoDiscussion and GeoRabble.
With a good shortlist of speakers, and a discussion panel on the use of data warming up in the wings, the venue organised, now is the time to get your tickets.

GeoRabble Perth #3

Wednesday July 25
Doors open 5.30pm, talks from 6.15pm
Trappist on King
Cnr King & Murray Sts Perth
Perth, Western Australia 6000
This time in a very special GeoRabble first, we’re going to use half the night in an open panel discussion.  What are we talking about? The amount of effort versus return?  Poor quality data in, can only result in bad decisions?  Or can we create silk purses from hogs ears? Perfection in information is a matter of definition as rubbish data can still be perfect for specific situations, depending how it is used and what it is used for.
Help us and the panel put fact before fiction – perhaps!
Contact: for more information

GeoRabble Melbourne #2 Speaker Registration Now Open

Hello there! The first Melbourne GeoRabble was held last year, and it was lots of fun.  Now GeoRabble Melbourne #2   is in the pipeline for  5.30 pm on Wednesday, 30th of  May 2012  at Lanai Bar at CQ (Melbourne). GIS Recruitment has been confirmed as exclusive sponsor for the event.

If you haven’t been to one before, here is the run down.  It’s an evening to share geo-ideas, full of fun, and free from sales-pitches! Each presentation is light, relevant to geo-something and is only 10 minutes long.

Agile speaker or passionate Geo-Geek? To get the ball rolling, we are looking for some presenters. Will you be one of them?

Send an email to  with your name, presentation title and a short description. You can also get our attention on Twitter via @georabble or using the #GeoRabbleMelb hashtag, join us at the online  GeoRabble Melbourne Meetup Group   or the  Facebook GeoRabble group

We’ll announce the speaker line-up and ticketing very soon!