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GeoRabble Brisbane events

GeoRabble Brisbane #10 – Cancelled

Hello GeoRabble Brisbane community!

We sadly regret to inform you that this event is unfortunately to be cancelled, due to unforeseen changes in the availability of the GeoRabble Brisbane volunteer organising crew in the lead up to the date and on the date itself.

In light of this though, we are migrating the theme and hopefully as many of the speakers as possible to the next planned GeoRabble event which is due to take place in the week of the Locate 2020 conference, pencilled in for the 28th April in the same location (Charming Squire).

We thank you for your support and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope that you can attend the next event in April.

With warm regards,

GeoRabble Brisbane Crew

GeoRabble Brisbane #10 – Speakers Announced!

photo of wireless microphones on top of the table
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The Brisbane GeoRabble crew are super excited to welcome our first two speakers to the upcoming event in March:

  • Peter Timmers – speaking on the work of the Queensland Emergency Services team and the GIS team in response to recent bush fire events
  • Len Olycott – presenting on the work that Queensland Department of Parks and Wildlife have been doing in collaboration with the Emergency Services

Stay tuned for another announcement soon of possible speakers from The Ripper Rescue Alliance, WIRES and iRecover platform….but in the meantime, scuttle over this way to register for the event on 11th March 2020 @ the Charming Squire; tickets are moving quick!

We are still looking for a sponsor for this event – if you’d like to help out please reach out via email or twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

GeoRabble Brisbane #10 – Spatial in Disaster Response,Resilience & Recovery

The Brisbane GeoRabble crew are excited to announce that registrations are now open for the next ‘Rabble on 11th March 2020 – head over this way to register.

We are still looking for speakers and sponsors – if you have a story, tool, data or anything to share with the spatial community about disaster response, recovery & resilience we’d love to hear from you.

The team is also considering whether to run this as fundraising event – what are your (the community!) thoughts? Hit us up on twitter or email us here.



BrisRabble – Only One Week to Go!

With only one week to go until the next Brisbane GeoRabble we are getting super excited to rabble…!

Announcing our first two speakers:

  • Stephen Kelly – GIS through the ages.
  • Stephen Donaldson – Cloud Anchors – The key to the Metaverse

{more to be announced soon!}

If you haven’t registered yet, head over this way:

And if you’re keen to share your story with Brisbane geospatial community, get in touch! We still have a spot or two for speakers.

Thank you again to our sponsors for the night Benchmrk by Geolocarta and Go2Asset.

GeoRabble Brisbane #9 – Return of BrisRabble!

GeoRabble returns to Brisbane for one last hurrah before the decade of the 20-teens is out!

Come celebrate with us as we leave the tumultuous teens and (hopefully) mature into our geospatial 2020s (possibly aligned to GDA, but lets not go there just yet).

We’re are putting out the call for speakers, so if you have a bugbear <idea>, story, discovery, topic, musing or the funniest collection of spatial memes to grace the internet –  we’d love to hear from you!

And we also need an audience! Head over this way to register if you’d like to come along and join us for all sorts of geo-goodness.

Brisbane GeoRabble #3 Speaker #4 – Ben Somerville

ImageWhen not sailing himself, or maintaining a web map devoted to the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race, Ben Somerville is well known to ArcGIS users as an early adopter and advocate of Esri’s developer and server technologies.

As Spatial Systems Manager at Thiess, Ben is responsible for the management of a GIS that supports many projects across multiple disciplines and platforms. Ben currently spends most of his time supporting the Silcar Thiess Services joint venture which is designing and constructing the NBN in Qld, NSW and the ACT.

For GeoRabble Brisbane #3 Ben is planning to share his thoughts on managing large field work forces and the impact the NBN could have on the GIS industry.

Remaining FREE tickets available from

Speaker #1 (not necessarily first on stage) for GeoRabble Brisbane #3 – Andy Stewart


We have a bio and talk description for one of the previously announced speakers for GeoRabble Brisbane #3 (follow this link to register) on Tuesday 23 April 2016 6:00-8:00pm

According to an unnamed admirer:

Andy Stewart will be well known to many as one of the Senior Spatial Information officers at Department of Natural Resources. He has played a key role in a number of high profile projects involving both remote sensing and web-mapping applications. His current role sees him leading the existing client mapping services within Queensland government towards a Web 2.0 approach.

He has played a key role in responding to the natural disasters that have occurred across Queensland over the past couple of years, most recently the flooding that occurred in Bundaberg. This devastating event enabled the valuable lessons learned after 2011 with Cyclone Yasi to be put into action to enable rapid response to the needs of those needing accurate flood maps that were both quickly generated but also importantly, accurate. Andy will pass on some of the lessons learned and that were put into action.

Andy tells us that he is  a former Snow Skiing Instructor and qualified Adventure Racing and Triathlon Coach, who has represented Australia and finished the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon. Therefore he will be in unfamiliar territory attending an event in a bar, but we have assured him of a friendly audience. “

Co-sponsored by GIS Recruitment and AAM

GeoRabble Brisbane #3 – forget the rumours!

GIS Recruitment GR Logo-colour on White AAM Logo

You heard it here first!

We sometimes like to surprise on the night but we already have two fine co-sponsors for GeoRabble Brisbane #3 on Tuesday 23rd April – namely GIS Recruitment and AAM – and six people who have offered to present at this GeoRabble or next!

The speakers, subject to final negotiations on topic and beer, and in no particular order, are:

  • Bill Kitson
  • Deb Polson
  • Ben Somerville
  • Andy Stewart
  • Andrew Saad
  • Phil Punter

More details to come on their talk titles but Location Based Games is among them.

If you’ve not signed up yet follow this link to score one of the remaining FREE tickets.