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Lucky Door Prize Announcement!

For all you Rabblers sitting on the fence about coming to our special panel session on Digital Twins – Revolutionary, Overhyped, or Underwhelming, here is a little bit of extra incentive.

Alex Pescud of the spectacular Wollongong Map is kindly donating an A1 Framed version as a lucky door prize!

Check out his work here ->

Alex will give a presentation on the journey of his creation after the panel session and will then draw the lucky winner.

You have to be at the event in person to claim the prize, so register here and join us for a great night with fellow geo-enthusiast.

Give Alex a follow on his socials,

Tickets Now Open for GeoRabble Sydney on Digital Twins – Revolutionary, Overhyped, or Underwhelming?

As always, entry to GeoRabble is free and open to all who are interested in all things Geospatial.

However booking your ticket allows us to cater effectively and not waste food or funds unnecessarily and makes sure everyone gets a slice.

So get you tickets here.

We have adjusted the event times to allow those of us who work from home some extra travel time to get to Wynyard so doors open at 5:30pm and event starts at 6:30pm. Finish time is at 7:30pm.

Look forward to seeing all the Rabblers again on April the 20th


GeoRabble Sydney is back for 2023!

GeoRabble on Digital Twins – Revolutionary, Overhyped, or Underwhelming?

GeoRabble Sydney is back on Thursday the 20th of April and we have an exciting theme! It will ask the question … Digital Twins – are they overhyped, underwhelming or revolutionary?

The term Digital Twin has become unavoidable in our professional lives. It is worthwhile to examine what it means for us, for the industry and the broader community.  

To get this discussion going join us at the Occidential Hotel Wynard where we will have two knowledgeable and entertaining speakers present their respective views of Digital Twins, so you can make up your own mind!

  • Andra Christie, Solutions Architect from Amazon and Member of the emerging Digital Twin Partnership has a deep technology skill set that is being focused on the challenges and benefits of digital twins across a broad range of industries.
  • Ben Somerville, Group Manager – GIS & Geospatial at John Holland. A well know member of the GeoRabble community who daily works with major infrastructure projects across Australia and their need for geospatial data and capabilities.

The speakers will present their views on Digital Twins, followed by a Q&A session. Rabblers will engage in a lively and open discussion with the speakers and afterwards over drinks and pizza.

The night before Georabble Brisbane…..

1 more day before GeoRabble Brisbane celebrates Xmas and the end of 2022!

The hard-working committee have been making their lists and checking them twice and have been amazed at who has been naughty and who has been nice. Thankfully all are welcome at Georabble. Please continue to spread the word, we are predicting a record turnout and a really fun, enjoyable night of spatial networking.

The committee have freshened up the format a little. We have three amazing speakers, followed by a Q & A Panel where you the audience can ask anything to our spatial luminaries (hand-picked from the ‘nice’ list)
We will put out the QR Code to allow anyone to ask questions throughout the night. Please keep them clean, positive and high level. Questions about what is your favourite projection, or why is a certain software so expensive… will not be allowed.

We can’t wait to see everyone once again, now don’t be that friend who allows someone to miss out as they didn’t know it was on. And don’t forget to register, please!

GeoRabble Brisbane Xmas Party Speakers

We are delighted to have a great lineup forming, but have a couple of slots free, so please get in touch either with ideas or to volunteer.

Please support those below by listening and supporting them.

Leading the way is a Digital Twin/Metaverse expert Henrique Reis

Henrique is a young, passionate geospatial analyst, exactly the type of person we love speaking at Georabbles.

Henrique’s passion for Digital Twins and the ‘Metaverse’ has enabled him to talk at several recent events and he will set the scene for why georabblers should care about the buzz around the so called Metaverse.

We then have a chance to learn some of the technical aspects of this future vision from 20 year veteran of the spatial industry, Geoffrey Yu

I think the Gaming industry and related-tech is one of those ones that can provide a new opportunity to enhance gis, esp visualisation and analysis. Visual analysis (like players do in 3D games) can be more intuitive for general users, since we can see and solve problems in 3D in the real world. As such this can unlock new insights to our spatial data, maybe more effectively then traditional 2D (maps) or algebra and relationships of tables (the current method for gis analysis).

Providing some real world experience to the theories above will be Metaverse Pioneer – Matthew Walker

Matt is the 3D Product Manager for Endora, a high fidelity metaverse being built on Unreal Engine5, powered by the Polygon blockchain. But much of the high fidelity is using 3D spatial data generated using photogrammetry. It’s an amazing example of how the Metaverse is intrinsically linked to the spatial industry.

Utilising a 3D Web Browser based on Cesium, Endorans can experience 3D content in new and exciting ways and explore NFT Buildings and build their own content and designs.

Expect some amazing visual content such as this –

We have a couple of slots still to fill, and we will be correcting the gender balance above.

We already have close to a hundred registered, so get in and register and come along and have some fun, and hopefully learn some new insights.

GeoRabble Brisbane Xmas Party

GeoRabble Brisbane is returning for an end of year celebration and Xmas Party – Register now!

Yes, we are back! 2022 only has a few weeks to go, Xmas is coming, and we are all in need of some fun mixed in with some geospatial networking.

Details are simple, we have avoided temptation to change much, any suggestions that is from pure laziness will be denied vehemently.

Venue – James Squire Brewhouse, The Charming Squire – smack bang in the middle of South Bank

Time – we’ll have access to the upstairs bar from 5:30ish proceeding to kick off from about 6ish depending on the MC’s organizational skills

Food to be supplied by our lovely sponsors

Format – some 10 minute, no salesy talks from some lovely people yet to be confirmed. Followed by social networking, meeting old friends and making some new

Tickets – tickets have always been and will always be free, just thank the venue by indulging in their fine products and thank the organisers by being nice to them and volunteering for the next event. But please register to help us know numbers for food and the venue

GeoRabble Melbourne – World GIS Day Wednesday 16 November – Be Spatial. Be Special. Tour Melbourne.

World GIS Day: Wednesday 16th November 2022.

What: Open house geo-spatial events / GeoRabble Melbourne

When: Wednesday 16th November 2022 – day and night.

Where: across Melbourne, finishing at The Clyde Hotel 385 Cardigan St, Carlton VIC

Tickets: It is all free!
GeoRabble Melbourne event.

Openhouse venues: Follow the tree to collect a StickyTicket!

TimeHosts XHosts YHosts Z
11am – 11:45amWhat is spatial and why is it special?
SSSI (Online & @Veris)
11:45am – 12:30pmShaping cities through spatial
Surveying and GIS Together as One!
1:00pm – 2:00pm Spatial Showcase
Spatial Vision (with lunch catered)
Introducing Nova Systems: Geospatial (formerly Geoplex)
Nova Systems (with lunch catered)
The role of Geospatial in achieving Global Social and Environmental Sustainability Outcomes with Google Earth Engine
2:30pm – 3:30pmSpatial Digital Twins

4:00pm – 5:00pmCultural Heritage, Communities and Digital Infrastructure Engineering
University of Melbourne
Treasures from the Maps Collection
State Library Victoria
Handmade universe
State Library exhibition –
5:30pm – 7:15pmGeoRabble Melbourne (at the Clyde Hotel, Carlton)

Open House events:

Nova Systems: Introducing Nova Systems: Geospatial (formerly Geoplex)
The team at Nova Systems is all geo, all the time. Hear from Dani Bramante on Nova Systems Geospatial Overview, Sam Le May on Calculating Bushfire Attack Levels and Joe O’Connell on Plugging in to DTV.

NGIS: The role of Geospatial in achieving Global Social and Environmental Sustainability Outcomes with Google Earth Engine
Following a welcome from the NGIS Team, Ken Gillan, General Manager NGIS Victoria and Geoffrey Pryor, Customer Success Manager for Lively, will introduce the Google partnership and Geo ecosystem. Chris Goodman, Senior Software Engineer, will then provide a demonstration of the Google Cloud Platform including Google Earth Engine and AI/ ML capabilities. Damien O’Grady, Principal Scientist for EO and Peter Corlett, Solution Engineer will then share a few use case examples, before Winyama’s Kelsey Bonds, Community Engagement Manager, will then share details on the Indigenous Mapping Workshop, planned for Melbourne in 2023. 

RMIT: Spatial Digital Twins
Where in the universe do you find the twins that are digital? Come see a range of digital posters showcasing RMIT’s digital twin related research ranging from data collection, visualisation to decision making, with the highlight being the launch of the RMIT Metaverse.

1. RMIT Metaverse 1.0: linking GIS with gaming
2. iGEE: cloud GIS app for heat vulnerability assessment
3. Satellite positioning and navigation
4. Space and spatial for climate risk and early warning systems
5. A workflow system for environmental modelling
6. Digital twin frameworks – a solution for over-height vehicle routing

Spatial Vision: Spatial Showcase
Join the team at Spatial Vision for a double bill on all things spatial. Kicking off with a demonstration of custom tools from Ryanne Firme (DCM Production Manager) on the Digital Cadastre Modernisation project, Rhainnan Mundana (Senior Spatial Geospatial Analyst) will have you planning your next career moves with their presentation on Spatial Vision’s Cadetship and Mentoring Program.   

State Library Victoria: Treasures from the Maps Collection
National Treasure meets the State Library. Who needs Nicolas Cage when you have Senior Librarian Sarah Ryan? Join Sarah on a curated viewing of selected maps representing the diversity of the State Library Maps Collection.

Please arrive on time, as Sarah our librarian will be meeting us in the foyer. This tour is capped at 20 people but there is the Handmade Universe exhibit which is concurrently on. 

SSSI: What is spatial and why is it special?
Launching our World GIS Day celebrations is Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute. Join SSSI as they revel in all things spatial and deep dive into why they think it’s so very special. 

SSSI are so pleased to be able to showcase a number of wonderful members at this event, who will be presenting their passion and how they inspire the world with GIS!

University of Melbourne: Cultural Heritage, Communities and Digital Infrastructure Engineering
How do modern digital geospatial technologies affect cultural heritage documentation? How do community dynamics interact in geospatial open source? What on earth is a digital twin? Come and explore these nuanced questions.

Urbis: Shaping cities through spatial
Get in shape Melbourne! Danielle Cherubin, Christine Brooks & Josh Grover will be showing us how the spatial team at Urbis helps shapes cities and provide insights through human movement data, and 3D.

Veris: Surveying and GIS Together as One!
Come get ‘Verified’ with us. We’re hosting a surveying and spatial circus! Come to the big tent and wherever you find some balloons we’ll be demonstrating our award-winning projects including the Paradise Gorge Digital Twin, the Robe Coastline Capture, the City of Hobart Rivulet Digital Twin, the sightlines for the Shrine of Remembrance and the outputs from our 3D Ground Penetrating Radar! Plus we’ll be demonstrating the latest in our field equipment (that hasn’t been taken out for the day), we have scanners, drones with autonomous LiDAR capture, high-spec MLS and the 3D GPR to name a few! Come tame your spatial lion at the Veris Tent!

GeoRabble speakers:

Oliver Trembearth 

Digital twin frameworks – a solution for over-height vehicle routing? 
The Victorian road freight industry is faced with over-height incidents every year, prompting transportation agencies to seek geospatial solutions. In this talk, we will look at how visualising road objects in a digital twin shows promise as an alternative safety management strategy. 

Jack Barrett

Cool Routes
Stay Cool in Melbourne this summer. Jack will take you on a journey through the streets of Melbourne to explore the Urban Heat Island effect and how the data captured can be used for future planning considerations of our amazing city.

Danielle Cherubin

Human Movement Data is just so damn interesting!
We’ll look at some neat examples of how HMD can be used; not only in a retail setting, but also looking at how nature can have an impact on our movements and behaviour. Let the visuals speak for themselves in what will be a captivating demonstration.

Simon Jackson

Exploring Dial before you dig data

More to be announced soon.

Shout out to our sponsor Nova Systems, we couldn’t host our evening GeoRabble Melbourne event without you!

Canberra GeoRabble

Join us and our wonderful speakers at King O’Malley’s in Civic on Monday 21s November, thanks to our generous sponsor Nova Systems. Book now through eventbrite as places are limited! 

Speakers announced!

Alex Von Brandenstein , Mapping And Planning Support (MAPS)

Mapping And Planning Support (MAPS): Spatial Professionals assisting the ACT Emergency Services Agency during complex emergencies

Matthew Purss, Pangaea Innovations

A multi-dimensional tour of Discrete Global Grid Systems

Brittany Baker, NGIS

Geospatial technologies in collaborative consumption and the sharing economy for the Routledge Handbook of Collaborative Consumption in Tourism.

For those new to GeoRabble, our event is a chance to catch up with other GIS folks and make new friends. There will also be a few presentations strictly adhering to the following rules:

  • Presentations no longer than 10 minutes.
  • Celebrate each others’ triumphs.
  • Respect each others’ choice – no technology bigotry.
  • No sales pitches – this includes services, software, data etc.
    • No company logos or ‘about us’ slides.

We look forward to seeing you in person at:

Location: 131 City Walk, Canberra ACT 2601

(Or /// for the elite GeoGeeks amongst us)

Time: 6:30pm

Tickets are Free, but please register here to get your spot.

Melbourne GeoRabble

Following our successful GeoRabble back in March 2022, we were keen to bring you another Rabble.

Come along to the Clyde Hotel on Cardigan Street and listen to our exciting speakers. Grab a drink and a bite to eat and relax.

Speaker details are below, but if you want to speak at this GeoRabble or the next please get in touch.

We have NGIS onboard for this GeoRabble, massive thanks!

As always we are keen to hold another Rabble and if we can before the year is out, so if you are interested in being a sponsor, please get in touch.

Date: Thursday 18th August 5:30pm – 8pm

Location: 385 Cardigan St, Carlton VIC

Tickets: It is free, but to help us with registrations, please do grab a ticket.


Alena Moison

Why Imagery Data is Really the Best Data, and You Should Use it More

In 1858, Gaspard-Félix Tournachon put a camera in a hot air balloon to take pictures of Paris from the air…and everything has been better since then. In this talk, we will look at how high-resolution imagery from aerial and satellite sources (orthoimagery) is used to support almost every dimension of government and public sector service delivery, and how it is a fundamental enabler for emerging technologies including GeoAI and 3D.

David Pepin

Projecting the frequencies of tidal flooding

Damaging and disruptive, coastal flooding is becoming an increasingly unruly and regular component of coastal living as sea levels rise. With tides on the rise, looking at the issue in new ways can shed light on how we can analyze the issue and communicate to stakeholders.  

Oscar So

Anime Pilgrimage – Going beyond Ayaya, Desu, AraAra and Keikaku

‘Geo is in every possible industry’ said everyone in our industry. This is a story of how mapping shaped the Anime Pilgrimage community. 

Kelsey Bonds

Growing up Tech Adjacent

Kelsey grew up showing little interest in tech, even though she grew up in a tech household. Her interests are in culture and human connection, something she thought lacked in the tech world. After studying anthropology, she realised just how much tech can and has been utilised to share culture.

Suelynn Choy
Beep Beep

The power of GPS and GNSS.

Thanks to our sponsor NGIS!