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GeoRabble Tas #4 is Coming, July 2015

GeoRabble Tas #4

GeoRabble Tas #4 is booked in for the 23rd of July, at the Republic Bar in North Hobart from 5 pm until around 7 pm. Another fantastic sponsor has emerged from the woodwork, the ACE CRC, which is awesome, and we’ve got four excellent presenters.

Presenters include:

  • Guy Williams, from the ACE CRC, talking about sea ice and drones
  • Brett Muir, from CMAR, talking about the new boat (the big one)
  • Ian Clarke, from UTAS, talking about working with a FLIR Photon 320 thermal infrared sensor
  • Catriona Johnson, from CSIRO, talking about the ARGO program

See you there!


Eventbrite - GeoRabble Tas #4

Antarctic Climate Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre

GeoRabble Tas #3 – Post-Event Writeup

The third GeoRabble Tas event was held on Thursday the 25th of September and we had a record 61 people register to attend. The event was held upstairs at The Republic Bar in Hobart and was sponsored by Lester Franks (thanks again, LF).

Presenters were excellent as usual. Presenters and presentations were as follows:

  • Arko Lucieer spoke about the efforts of Terra Luma, which is a group organised out of UTAS that are researching unmanned aircraft system  (UAS) applications. He spoke about the difference between airborne LiDAR, structure from motion and their work comparing the two techniques, as well as a number of specific applications of UAS as a data capture platform.
  • Adrian Fairfield, from Cohen and Associates, then spoke about projects that their platform had been working on, including capturing ortho-imagery across coastlines and other inhospitable areas.
  • James Head-Mears showed us all the fancy close range point-cloud creation tools that Lester Franks use in order to capture a variety of data for a variety of applications, and he showed us the process of reverse engineering an army truck.
  • Finally, Simon Allen wowed us with a great talk on getting results, with his SWAMP, or Shallow Water Autonomous Mapping Platform. The SWAMP is a robot boat, created with a few thousand dollars worth of off-the-shelf hardware, which was used to collect ground-truth or training data for a cloud-based machine learning algorithm, which then estimates the depth of the entire Derwent Estuary! (I think that’s it in a nutshell…) His more important point was that often a lot of time is spent developing the perfect solution to a problem, while it is often just fine to build an imperfect solution that might just work even better. It fits well into my little philosophy of ‘perfection is the enemy of the good.’

In summation, a lot of interest was piqued, some delicious food consumed and lots of catch-up occurred. It will happen again, soon, and so I’ll see you there at the next GeoRabble Tas.

– Alex


Arko Lucieer presenting about UAS
Arko Lucieer presenting about UAS
What a handsome audience!
What a handsome audience!

GeoRabble Tas #1 – Post Event Writeup

The first GeoRabble Tas was held on Thursday the 14th of November and attracted almost 40 registrations. The event was held at Tattersalls in Hobart in their upstairs room, which was probably a little small for the number of people. But the food was great, and free, thanks to the event’s sponsor, Geometry. Thanks Geometry! The speakers were excellent, and the crowd’s vibe very positive.


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