GeoRabble Tas #4 is Coming, July 2015

GeoRabble Tas #4

GeoRabble Tas #4 is booked in for the 23rd of July, at the Republic Bar in North Hobart from 5 pm until around 7 pm. Another fantastic sponsor has emerged from the woodwork, the ACE CRC, which is awesome, and we’ve got four excellent presenters.

Presenters include:

  • Guy Williams, from the ACE CRC, talking about sea ice and drones
  • Brett Muir, from CMAR, talking about the new boat (the big one)
  • Ian Clarke, from UTAS, talking about working with a FLIR Photon 320 thermal infrared sensor
  • Catriona Johnson, from CSIRO, talking about the ARGO program

See you there!


Eventbrite - GeoRabble Tas #4

Antarctic Climate Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre

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