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GeoRabble Sydney events, where it all started!

Final line up of speakers announced for 5th Anniversary Sydney GeoRabble.

Here is what you all have been waiting for!

The final list of speakers for the next Sydney GeoRabble, our special 5th Anniversary event and we have a great line up from all parts of the broad geo community;

  1. Michael Ridger representing the Engineers Without Borders community talking about the – Crowd Sourcing GeoData for Public Engagement in development event
  2. Andrew Harvey from Alantgeo presenting an intriguing talk called – One map to rule them all – hopefully Sauron isn’t in the audience
  3. Rob Tyson and Jonathan Cairns-Terry from PwC talking on Geospatial Economic Modelling
  4. Luke Bacon from the Open Australia Foundation presenting – Fixing bugs in our democracy
  5. Hugh “No GNAF Royalties on me” Saalmans presenting on Intro to Open GNAF
  6. Iurii Shendryk from UNSW talking on 3D mapping of forest resources from the air

Get your tickets at Eventbrite and remember we are at a new venue the King Street Brewhouse – 22 The Promenade, Sydney,  – View Map

Our valued sponsor for this event is Jacobs Engineering Group


5th Anniversary of GeoRabble Sydney – Call for Speakers

When a group of friends got together and wanted to create a simple forum to allow their community of fellow GeoGeeks to share the joys, frustrations and triumphs of all things Geo, little did they know they would still be at 5 years later and that it has spawned events across 6 Australian Cities and two other countries, New Zealand and South Africa.

Over the last five years we have had many laughs, have been inspired and learnt so much from a huge spectrum of users of location information from the novice to the professional and beyond. Thank you to all of you that have stepped up and shared your stories.

We are not stopping now!

Our next GeoRabble to celebrate our 5th Anniversary will be held on April the 7th and as always these events are fuelled by your stories.

So come and join the celebrations and send us your topics for this community milestone.

You can submit your topics using the following form and look forward to seeing all our fellow friends in Geo on the 7th of April at a new venue.

The Sydney GeoRabble Crew.

Speakers Announced for “OGC-o-Rabble” Sydney, 30 November

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC: will host its ‘Technical Committee’ meeting in Australia. To celebrate this event,  GeoRabble is joining forces with the OGC, to bring you a special ‘OGC-o-Rabble’ session on Monday 30 November, from 5:30 PM at the Swanson Hotel.

Pizza courtesy of Jacobs

We are proud to have secured an awesome program for the evening. A mix of Ozzie and International speakers, a return by popular demand of our Geo-Trivia, and of course the opportunity to mingle and network over drinks, free pizza (thanks to Jacobs‘ generous sponsoring) at an iconic Aussie venue.

Scott Simmons, the Executive Director of the Standards Program for the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), will share his experience on leading a consensus process to develop location-related standards.

Dr Carl Reed, recently retired as the Chief Technology Officer and an Executive Director of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), he will tell us “How to speak fair dinkum Spatial”, sharing with us an American’s first introduction to speaking Strayan that will go into serious thanks to Aussie contributions to spatial technology and the spatial industry.

Roger Lott, Chairman of the IOGP (International Association of Oil and Gas Producers) Geodesy Subcommittee will talk about the importance of the new version of well-known text (WKT) for describing coordinate reference system definitions that has recently been developed jointly by OGC and ISO. 

Tim Leigh, GeoRabble co-founder and Principal Consultant at Scalable Solutions,  will tell us about “The internet of things, why should I care”.

Richard Lemon, the Spatial Section Manager & Practice Leader for Imagery & Aerial Survey from Jacobs, will talk about using flying ambulances, aerial images and addressee databases to help saving lives in Australia.

David Turner, a GIS engineer responsible for a sustainable transport at the City of Sydney, will talk about “Making numbers flow using Gephi”.  David will show and inspire how to make nice looking maps using an open source visualisation platform. 

Rhys Bittner, Hexagon Geospatial Business Development Manager, will present an open platform based on open data and OGC web services. He will also announce a “new developer competition” with 1st prize US$100,000 2nd prize US$50,000 and many other prizes!

Jacqui Kennedy has spent the last two years on the road visiting and photographing “Big Things of Australia” and will share with us photos and places that you have never seen!!

Don’t forget to register. It is always a free event, but we need to know numbers for catering purposes.

Register at:, or through our Meetup group:


Joint GeoRabble with the OpenGeospatial Consortium: Sydney, 30 November

For the second time in history, the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC: will host a ‘Technical Committee’ meeting in Australia; from 30 November to 4 December 2015, at NICTA in Redfern, Sydney.

To celebrate this event,  GeoRabble is joining forces with the OGC, to bring you a special ‘OGC-o-Rabble’ session on Monday 30 November, from 5:30 PM at the Swanson Hotel.

As always GeoRabble will be free for everyone including OGC attendees, GeoRabblers and anyone else interested in spatial technology.

This will be a unique opportunity for the international OGC community and the Sydney geo-community to get to know each other, mingle and network over drinks, free pizza (thanks to Jacobs‘ generous sponsoring) at an iconic Aussie venue.


Pizza courtesy of Jacobs

We want to hear your stories of international and Australian uses of spatial technology, so we are calling for speakers who can hold a short (up to 10 minute) talk about their international geo-experience, or about something typically Australian that would enlighten our foreign visitors (Croc-tracking anyone?)

Do you have an idea for a talk? Please let us know at

Also, by popular request, we’re bringing back our Geo-Trivia.

Watch this space for venue details, and don’t forget to register. It is always a free event, but we need to know numbers for catering purposes.

Please register at:,

or through our Meetup group:


Call for Speakers – GeoRabble Sydney

#GeoPetPeeves vs #GeoPetLoves

GeoRabble has always been about personal stories and having fun. So at the next GeoRabble on October the 1st at the Occidental Hotel starting at 6pm, we want to hear humorous outpourings on geo pet peeves and loves.

If you bemoan the mass adoptions of hexabins, the misuse of projections or love the way maps online have evolved to become the must have visualisation everywhere, this GeoRabble is for you.peeves_vs_loves

We want spleen venting, expression of adoration, letters of complaints and contented purring on any topic big or small. For balance we are aiming for 3 presenters on each side of the spectrum.

Send through your ideas to

Oh… and for an extra bit of fun for this GeoRabble we have added an extra rule to the standard rules, you have to start your presentation with a geo related joke!

Here is a one of our favourites

How do geographers meet their husband or wife?




They Datum!

Keep an eye out on twitter as we start the stream of ideas using the hashtags #PetGeoPeeves & #PetGeoLoves and join in the conversation. The best ones we will share at GeoRabble on the big screen.

Looking forward to sharing your stories, beers, pizzas and geo jokes.

Register here to attend.

Remember: GeoRabble is free to attend, as is the Pizza, courtesy of Pitney Bowes, who are sponsoring this event!

The GeoRabble crewpb-logo-TM-web

Program for GeoRabble Sydney & Prizes to be won – Don’t forget to register!

We are proud to announce a great line-up of speakers for GeoRabble Sydney, Thursday 30 April, from 6PM at the Occidental Hotel:
  • Krissie Auld (Office of the Environment and Heritage) – “Open OEH”
  • Maurits van der Vlugt (Mercury Project Solutions)- “Mythbusters: what makes data Authoritative?”
  • Warren Gardiner (Council of Social Services of NSW) – “An Open Data Journey from PDF to web maps”
  • Francisco Urbina (Esri Australia) – “Location Intelligence in NSW”
  • Paul Farrell (NGIS Australia)
  • Damian Carroll (Airbus) – “An Open Access Imagery Licence – the NZ Experience”


Also, there will be a ‘StreetView guessing game’, with great prizes!

Remember: GeoRabble is free to attend, as is the Pizza, courtesy of Pitney Bowes, who are sponsoring this event!pb-logo-TM-web

Don’t forget to register here, or join our Meetup group.

First Speaker confirmed for GeoRabble Sydney and Invitation to Rabblers for your stories

Our first GeoRabble Sydney for 2015 is all systems go with registration coming in fast.

It is a great sign that the topic of Open GeoSpatial Data is something that resonates with many of us and impacts the work that we do.

Which why it is great that we have Krissie Auld from the Office of Environment and Heritage talking about ‘Open OEH’ and with OEH being such a huge generator and custodian of spatial data it will be great to hear about their efforts.

We are confirming more speakers but still have room for a few more, so if you have a story on the success, uses, failure, frustrations or just want to highlight your dramas with trying to get access to open geospatial data, this is the forum for you.

Submit your short description to and remember that your presentation is  limited to 10 minutes to make sure the heart of your message is delivered

Don’t forget to register here, or join our Meetup group!

If you just want to share your story on the use of geo in your day to day experience feel free to submit as well as we are always looking for fun, interesting and surprising geo related presentations

Looking forward to sharing a great night with you all.

Here comes the 1st GeoRabble Sydney of 2015!! Call for speakers!

Thursday 30th of April – Save the date!!


We are happy to announce that our 1st GeoRabble Sydney event for the year 2015, will be held at the Occidental Hotel, on the 30th of April, at 6:00pm! We are very excited to see you again, to hear your new stories and new experiences and share the knowledge in a relaxed and pleasant environment, full of Geo-enthusiasts!

There is always a call for speakers and for this event we would like to explore: “Uses and Users of Open Geo-Spatial Data”.

So, do you use open geo-spatial data? What are you using it for? Where can you find it? Do you have any tricks or tips?

Submit your short description to Talks are limited to 10 minutes.

Registrations are now open: register here, or join our Meetup group!

GeoRabble Sydney, 10 December: Talks, Pizza, Jobseeker Pitchfest

GeoRabble Sydney is back, and we are happy to announce our first set of speakers!Hexagon Geospatial

Join us Wednesday 10 December at the Paragon Hotel (Velvet Lounge) in Sydney’s CBD from 5:30 PM for Classic GeoRabble talks, a Jobseeker Pitchfest (more about that below), and of course our famous free Pizza (courtesy of Hexagon Geospatial)! GeoRabble is free, to be there, join our Meetup group, or register here.

The final Speaker Line-up is:

Maria Xygkaki
  • Daniel Kruimel –  “Every Cloud has a Spatial Lining”
  • Jayson Ward  – “Oz Spotting: Media Arts and Mobile”
  • Alex Cowdery – “Spatial marketing, which company am I”, an interactive Game for all.
  • James Shepherd – “Needle in a Hakea stack: locating Aboriginal rock shelter sites in dense vegetation”
  • Rebecca Paget & David James – “Reinventing Neighbourhoods through Hyperlocal Technology & Babysitting”
  • Maria Xygkaki – “Santa uses GIS: Spatial Analysis for the gift distribution”
Daniel Kruimel

New to this event is our Jobseeker Pitchfest: where people looking for (new) opportunities have 3 minutes to get on stage and tell the Rabble why they’d be foolish to hire anyone else!

As always: GeoRabble is a free event, for GeoGeeks to celebrate, share and network. However, for catering purposes, we do need you to Register. You can join our Meetup group, or register here.

Hope to see you all on the 10th!

Heads-up for GeoRabble Sydney’s Xmas party!

To all you Sydney Rabblers: we are coming back with an awesome Christmas party event in early December.

Stay tuned for the exact date & location, to be announced shortly. In the meantime: if you have any 2014 (success) stories to share, or have a great idea for 2015 or beyond, drop us a line now on

More news to follow: watch this space!