Call for Speakers – GeoRabble Sydney

#GeoPetPeeves vs #GeoPetLoves

GeoRabble has always been about personal stories and having fun. So at the next GeoRabble on October the 1st at the Occidental Hotel starting at 6pm, we want to hear humorous outpourings on geo pet peeves and loves.

If you bemoan the mass adoptions of hexabins, the misuse of projections or love the way maps online have evolved to become the must have visualisation everywhere, this GeoRabble is for you.peeves_vs_loves

We want spleen venting, expression of adoration, letters of complaints and contented purring on any topic big or small. For balance we are aiming for 3 presenters on each side of the spectrum.

Send through your ideas to

Oh… and for an extra bit of fun for this GeoRabble we have added an extra rule to the standard rules, you have to start your presentation with a geo related joke!

Here is a one of our favourites

How do geographers meet their husband or wife?




They Datum!

Keep an eye out on twitter as we start the stream of ideas using the hashtags #PetGeoPeeves & #PetGeoLoves and join in the conversation. The best ones we will share at GeoRabble on the big screen.

Looking forward to sharing your stories, beers, pizzas and geo jokes.

Register here to attend.

Remember: GeoRabble is free to attend, as is the Pizza, courtesy of Pitney Bowes, who are sponsoring this event!

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