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Registrations open for #PetGeoPeeves & #PetGeoLoves

The #PetGeoPeeves & #PetGeoLoves  are coming through thick and fast with a great range of ideas and discussions points worthy of beer and pizza at the next GeoRabble Sydney on Oct the 1st – register for free here

From the rise of maps as fashion, thank you Open Street Map, to tracking pick-ups on Uber to spleen venting on KMZ’s as the new PDF’s and let’s not forget the frustrating inconsistencies in data.

If you have a pet geo peeve or love, big or small, send through your ideas to sydney@georabble.org and share your burden or pleasure with a great crew of like minded GeoRabblers.

Also keep the twitter conversation going by using the #PetGeoPeeves & #PetGeoLoves tags.

Pizza’s are kindly supplied courtesy of Pitney Bowes and Mercury Project Solutions, who are sponsoring this event.

The GeoRabble crew

Sponsored by Mercury Project Solutions



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