Call for Speakers/Panelists: GeoRabble Sydney – “The last 50 meters” (July 7th)

The theme for the next Sydney GeoRabble is “The Last 50 Meters”, or how to improve the accuracy of location using 21st century tools.

It will be on 7 July 2016, at the King Street Brewhouse – 22 The Promenade, Sydney (

We are looking for panelists who can pitch their thoughts/ideas on the topic, and then participate in a panel discussion and brainstorming session with the Rabble. If you would like to participate in the panel, please contact us at with your proposed topic.

With the advent of GPS phones, satnavs, and disruptive services such as Uber, Car Next Door or Foodora, we increasingly need to communicate locations to travel to, meet people, deliver parcels or be picked up or rescued from.

Whether you are in GIS, Logistics, Home Delivery, Event Management, Drone Delivery, or Mining, you are likely to find that traditional addressing does not provide enough detail, leading to cold Pizzas being delivered, not finding your friends at the festival, missing Uber pick-ups, and truck drivers doing laps around a business park looking for the loading dock.

Can more exact locations be crowd-sourced? Or automatically recognised? And who will collect and share these? What is the role that a Google, Here, TomTom, MapCode or what3words can play?

Save the date: July 7th to join the GeoRabble and learn more, discuss ideas, and have a bite and a drink with like-minded people.

Register here, or email us ( if you want to participate on the panel.

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