GeoRabble Sydney 30-05-19, More than Spatial…

Next Event in Sydney locked in!

We’re still calling out for sponsors for our next few events!

As always we’ll organise pizza in a laid back atmosphere to network and discover a few things. This night is planned for topics coexisting around the geoworld!

We’re more than maps guys/gals, we know it, but what about the rest of the world? This event is the first one which will touch upon the other skills we developed throughout our careers.

Join us to hear from the presentation and communication wizards, the camaleons of our world who transitioned between various roles in the past, crossing the bridges between technical, business or sales! They’ll share their journey and insights on what it took them to get where they are today.

It will be a fun night in Sydney about More than Spatial on the 30th of May at the Occidental! And Vivid Sydney makes it the perfect occasion to come and stay for a bit in the city!


Speakers announced:

John Civijovski will share with us his experience dealing with thousands of app users over the last 7 years.

Chris Kondo will tell his journey as an accidental geospatial software engineer, cruising the bridge from a pure non-geo software engineer, what he’s learnt and how it is influencing his future projects.

Stella Blake-Kelly will share her experience nagivating a spatial nomad career, quitting her job to become a freelancer!

Kerry Harkness will share her consultant insights on the art of selling yourself! Whether it’s via a CV or to convince a company or client, it’s an essential skill for all of us.

Contact us on to add your title and abstract of your presentation around the other non-technical skills or knowledge essential to succeed in our trade.

Register on Meetup or Eventbrite 🙂

See you soon!

This event brought to you by the Sydney GeoRabble team and sponsored by our friends @ Mercury Project Solutions

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