GeoRabble Tas #8 is being held on the 14th of September, 2017

GeoRabble Tas #8

Hey everybody, this is a rather belated post to let you know that there’s a GeoRabble coming up in Tasmania this week!

We’ve got three great presenters, plus a secret presenter who will be revealed on the night. (No, it’s not just disorganisation, we really do have something special for you!)

The event is being held at the Republic Bar in North Hobart on Thursday the 14th of September from 5 pm until 7 pm.

Here’s a big register button to make it super easy.

Eventbrite - GeoRabble Tas #8

We look forward to seeing you there, but please, don’t forget to register!

Presenter Details:

Anna Riddel: Measuring Earth’s ‘wiggle’: A journey to the centre

Our Earth is a dynamic planet and in response to mass moving across its surface, it cannot help but give a little wiggle. The Earth is not flat, but neither is it round and there are processes that change the shape and surface of the Earth on timescales that range from daily to decadal to millennial. Accurately pinpointing a location with a positioning system like GPS, or measuring changes in global sea level are only done relative to Earth’s centre. But herein lies the problem, we can’t physically get to the centre ourselves to see where it is or how its movement is changing over time.

Dylan Colson: What’s New in Hydrography?

There are exciting developments in Hydrography both locally and internationally on the horizon. One of the most exciting new technologies, Autonomous Surface Vehicles, are becoming more widespread, so where does this leave the role of the hydrographer? Confined to the role of data processor and QC? In fact, with the new HydroScheme Industry Partnership Program (or HIPP) currently in the early stages of planning, the role of a qualified, certified and professional hydrographic surveyors is now more important than ever.

Anthony OFlaherty: System of Systems

TasWater’s Asset Management Systems are crucial to the effective management of what is a complex web of geographically disperse assets. These systems include GIS, SCADA, Enterprise Historian, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) & CAD. This presentation will provide an operational context of those systems and outline key strategic initiatives that will future proof our operating model, ultimately driving better outcomes for all Tasmanians.

Special Surprise Guest: who could it be?!


Thanks to our sponsors, Konect and Insight GIS!

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