Speakers Confirmed for GeoRabble Melbourne #3

We are proud to announce the first speakers for the next GeoRabble event in Melbourne on Wed 12 September,in the Lanai Function room at CQ Melbourne. Doors open 5:30pm talks from 6:30pm.

  • Bill Cartwright – “NEOCartography: Prospects and Issues”. Bill takes a look at what is NeoCartography and what are the opportunities, issues and challenges for the cartography and geoscience community.
  • Yvonne Thompson – “Spatio Retro”. One of the original founders of GeoRabble Melbourne and self professed old lady of spatial in Australia, Yvonne takes an introspective look about how she originally found her passion for spatial.
  • Charlie Hawkins – “Flood Modelling a failure at Geheyan dam in China”. Flooding has been a very topical event in Australia but were you ever curious to know how a place like China would compare?
  • Monica Stephens – “Guns, Germans and Stripclubs the Fates of OpenStreetMap with No Respect to Jared Diamond“. A humorous and eye opening look at the who decides the feature types in OpenStreetMap and the need to focus on the gender gap in our industry.

We still have room for 1-2 more speakers so let us know if you have a geo-story that you would like share with everyone at the next GeoRabble!!

Join our Meet-up group, or register here!

A very special thanks to our GeoAwesome Rabble-esque Sponsor without whom we couldn’t run this event and provide food to everyone …

Sponsored by Digital Mapping Solutions
Sponsored by Digital Mapping Solutions

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