The night before Georabble Brisbane…..

1 more day before GeoRabble Brisbane celebrates Xmas and the end of 2022!

The hard-working committee have been making their lists and checking them twice and have been amazed at who has been naughty and who has been nice. Thankfully all are welcome at Georabble. Please continue to spread the word, we are predicting a record turnout and a really fun, enjoyable night of spatial networking.

The committee have freshened up the format a little. We have three amazing speakers, followed by a Q & A Panel where you the audience can ask anything to our spatial luminaries (hand-picked from the ‘nice’ list)
We will put out the QR Code to allow anyone to ask questions throughout the night. Please keep them clean, positive and high level. Questions about what is your favourite projection, or why is a certain software so expensive… will not be allowed.

We can’t wait to see everyone once again, now don’t be that friend who allows someone to miss out as they didn’t know it was on. And don’t forget to register, please!

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