GeoRabble Brisbane Xmas Party Speakers

We are delighted to have a great lineup forming, but have a couple of slots free, so please get in touch either with ideas or to volunteer.

Please support those below by listening and supporting them.

Leading the way is a Digital Twin/Metaverse expert Henrique Reis

Henrique is a young, passionate geospatial analyst, exactly the type of person we love speaking at Georabbles.

Henrique’s passion for Digital Twins and the ‘Metaverse’ has enabled him to talk at several recent events and he will set the scene for why georabblers should care about the buzz around the so called Metaverse.

We then have a chance to learn some of the technical aspects of this future vision from 20 year veteran of the spatial industry, Geoffrey Yu

I think the Gaming industry and related-tech is one of those ones that can provide a new opportunity to enhance gis, esp visualisation and analysis. Visual analysis (like players do in 3D games) can be more intuitive for general users, since we can see and solve problems in 3D in the real world. As such this can unlock new insights to our spatial data, maybe more effectively then traditional 2D (maps) or algebra and relationships of tables (the current method for gis analysis).

Providing some real world experience to the theories above will be Metaverse Pioneer – Matthew Walker

Matt is the 3D Product Manager for Endora, a high fidelity metaverse being built on Unreal Engine5, powered by the Polygon blockchain. But much of the high fidelity is using 3D spatial data generated using photogrammetry. It’s an amazing example of how the Metaverse is intrinsically linked to the spatial industry.

Utilising a 3D Web Browser based on Cesium, Endorans can experience 3D content in new and exciting ways and explore NFT Buildings and build their own content and designs.

Expect some amazing visual content such as this –

We have a couple of slots still to fill, and we will be correcting the gender balance above.

We already have close to a hundred registered, so get in and register and come along and have some fun, and hopefully learn some new insights.

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