Melbourne GeoRabble

Following our successful GeoRabble back in March 2022, we were keen to bring you another Rabble.

Come along to the Clyde Hotel on Cardigan Street and listen to our exciting speakers. Grab a drink and a bite to eat and relax.

Speaker details are below, but if you want to speak at this GeoRabble or the next please get in touch.

We have NGIS onboard for this GeoRabble, massive thanks!

As always we are keen to hold another Rabble and if we can before the year is out, so if you are interested in being a sponsor, please get in touch.

Date: Thursday 18th August 5:30pm – 8pm

Location: 385 Cardigan St, Carlton VIC

Tickets: It is free, but to help us with registrations, please do grab a ticket.


Alena Moison

Why Imagery Data is Really the Best Data, and You Should Use it More

In 1858, Gaspard-Félix Tournachon put a camera in a hot air balloon to take pictures of Paris from the air…and everything has been better since then. In this talk, we will look at how high-resolution imagery from aerial and satellite sources (orthoimagery) is used to support almost every dimension of government and public sector service delivery, and how it is a fundamental enabler for emerging technologies including GeoAI and 3D.

David Pepin

Projecting the frequencies of tidal flooding

Damaging and disruptive, coastal flooding is becoming an increasingly unruly and regular component of coastal living as sea levels rise. With tides on the rise, looking at the issue in new ways can shed light on how we can analyze the issue and communicate to stakeholders.  

Oscar So

Anime Pilgrimage – Going beyond Ayaya, Desu, AraAra and Keikaku

‘Geo is in every possible industry’ said everyone in our industry. This is a story of how mapping shaped the Anime Pilgrimage community. 

Kelsey Bonds

Growing up Tech Adjacent

Kelsey grew up showing little interest in tech, even though she grew up in a tech household. Her interests are in culture and human connection, something she thought lacked in the tech world. After studying anthropology, she realised just how much tech can and has been utilised to share culture.

Suelynn Choy
Beep Beep

The power of GPS and GNSS.

Thanks to our sponsor NGIS!

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