GeoRabble Brisbane – World Science Fair Eve

We now have 120 people registered for our GeoRabble Brisbane event on Tuesday 19th March! This is a great response and will make sure the evening is a LOT of fun and a great opportunity to meet new friends and old friends and hopefully learn something from our awesome line-up of presenters.

Something tasty will be available thanks to the very generous sponsor Aerometrex, food will be out early, before the talks, so get there early if you are hungry.

IF trying to find the food, it will be appropriately located here

Doors open from 5pm with Presentations starting from approximately 6:30pm

In line with the World Science Fair that starts here in Brisbane next week, our presentations come from some very smart minds on a range of the latest technical trends

First up we are delighted to have Regional Director of Maxar Digital Globe, the worlds leading Space Technology Company. Peter Kinne, a man who knows more than almost anyone in Australia about the space industry, and a good friend of the spatial industry all over Australia, but we are proud that he calls Brisbane home!

Next up, we are excited to have our first GeoRabble Brisbane presentation from Esri Australia. The worlds leading GIS company who we are proud to say have their Australian headquarters here in Brisbane. Fresh off a trip to the US to the Esri Dev Summit, and always a very enteraining and popular presenter at conferences, Marty Sutcliffe will be providing an overview of topics ranging from 3D/VR/AR and the Importance of the User Experience (UX) for web applications.

Next up will be Jamie Holyoak who will combine cute pictures of Koala’s and the hot topic of UAV/Drones to entertain us. He has promised clips of Predator style movies tracking their thermal signatures!

Last, but definitey not least, we are pleased to have Alison Oost, Alison has been cruising about the industry for more than a couple of decades now and will be presenting some thoughts about Data in the industry with her unique style in “What’s Up Data?”

We can’t wait to see you there and share a drink or two!


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