GeoRabble Melbourne #11 | Wednesday 21 March

GeoRabble returns to Melbourne on Wednesday 21st March 2018 at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow, 94-96 Bourke Street, Melbourne. Networking drinks start 5:30pm. Presentations commence: 6:00pm followed by more networking.

Grab yourself a free ticket and enjoy the night with friends sharing geospatial ideas, free of sales pitches and hidden agendas!  Each presentation is light, relevant to geo-something and only 10minutes long.


Sarah Goodwin — Multivariate Geographic Analysis — A framework for visualising multiple variables across scale and geography.

Simon O’Keefe — Government web services — A look into WMS/WFS (web mapping services/web feature services).

Geordie Millar — Radiosonde hunting for fun & (no) profit — Geordie is a spatial developer working with the latest in open source tech, but spends his spare time chasing weather balloons that come crashing down to earth.

Anton Thomas — Method mapping — A cartographer connects with the region he’s mapping using his senses as a guide.

Andrew Bashfield — Surveying at RMIT — Tales from Carlton, the best-surveyed place in Australia

Michael Cushen – Map Mosaic Portraits – Using PostGIS, Python, and QGIS to make Geo-Portraits

Mina Jahanshahi – Who Maps the World? The history of women in cartography, impacts of a male-dominated industry, how the industry is changing

Tickets are available via eventbrite.

If you have a great geo-spatial idea that you would like to share with a group of like-minded people, we want you for our next GeoRabble! Contact the GeoRabble committee to express your interesting topic in 20words or less, or email your idea to

A very special thanks to our Sponsor GHD without whom we couldn’t run this event and provide food to everyone …


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