GeoRabble Perth #19 – Student Edition – It’s A Wrap!

Suzy Urbaniak set the scene for the night with her infectious enthusiasm for science and education! Suzy shared her hands-on approach with real world and field based learning. She introduced her Centre of Resources Excellence Program, designed with STEAM front of mind – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.


Next up was repeat speaker Dhan Prabhu, who introduced us to “get into resources”, a unique 3 day event in WA which showcases the resources industry to secondary school students.  Small groups of students get to participate in hands-on interactive activities as presented by volunteer industry professionals from a wide range of resource related disciplines.

Get Into Resources

Mark Williams spoke on his experiences with Participatory Mapping from Central Australia to Cambodia, in helping local inhabitants transcribe their expert knowledge of local environments in a geographical framework. Mark shared results of his masters study aimed at using community based adaptation and participatory mapping to explore how communities living in flood-prone river basins in Cambodia perceive and adapt to changes in flood regimes under the influence of climate change and other risk factors.


Participatory GIS and community based adaptation to climate change and other hazards – Mark Williams, M.Env,Sc (GIS and Environmental Management specialisation UWA)

Next up were Tristan Reed and Jeremy Siao Him Fa, sharing their GeoApp Development in the remote Ngalangangpum School in Warmun, 200km south of Kununurra. As part of the “Two-way Learning” model, combination of traditional indigenous methods and new economy skills, Tristan and Jeremy helped teach the students how to build a basic iPad app that functioned as a geo-diary, allowing students to catalog their excursions as well as important places around the town.


And our very own Darren Mottolini finished up with some guidance in mentoring – helping others think outside the box by sharing our geo experience and perspective on the world. Getting to the root of problems, identifying gaps and co-designing for unique solutions.

Thanks again to Damian Shepherd for MCing on the night and to our friends at Spookfish for sponsoring the Student Edition!

If you would like to help grow our Geocommunity, with brain expanding ideas or sustenance at upcoming events, please share with us at We can’t hold these events without you!

Stay tuned via #georabbleper for news about our next event coming up soon.

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