GeoRabble Sydney- July 17 – Additional Speakers announced!

GeoRabble is coming back to Sydney: Thursday 17 July at the Occidental Hotel in Wynyard.

Get ready for an evening of Geo talks, networking, (free) pizza and drinks.

Pizza courtesy of   Hexagon Geospatial Hexagon Geospatial

We are proud to announce additional speakers:

1. Charles Connell / Colin Goudie (Social Pinpoint):  Twitter  LinkedIn

Combining GIS and online mapping for effective community engagement tools


2. Andrew Goodwin  (Umwelt):     LinkedIn

Processing and Managing LiDAR:  LiDAR data can be utilized in environmental in the environmental consulting work, as well as wider applications.  This has included developing finite element meshes and building outlines from LiDAR for flood and noise modelling and numerous ecological applications such as detecting malleefowl mounds across expansive remote areas.    We have developed our own automated swathe alignment system and LiDAR classification system that form part of the Anditi processing suite.  We have also developed techniques to delineate infrastructure (powerlines, roads, bridges etc) using LiDAR.   We have designed using a plug in architecture and  a graphical interface that allows us to check data and outputs from analysis.  This enables us to develop and implement new solutions to spatial data challenges rapidly.


3. Andrew Harvey   websiteavatar250

Landsat 8:    Using Landsat 8 data to extract information, and to extend this further, for example what Mapbox did for their Cloudless Atlas.





4. David Whitfield (Geepers):   LinkedIn

The evolution of in-building mapping and navigation

  • “Can the Internet of Everything really happen without a central GNS (Geo-physical Naming System), and
  • “Seamless navigation from the external world to the built environment – the evolution of in-building mapping and navigation”


5. Amelia Loye (Engage2)     Twitter  Linked In    amelia

EngageTech and GIS data: engagement and interoperability:   Amelia will speak to the technologies being used for engagement and how and why     interoperability with    GIS software is increasingly being required. She’ll speak to both map-based engagement methods and the use of geolocation data to engage, identify and manage relationships and information collected from citizens and stakeholders.



6. Maurits van der Vlugt (Mercury Project Solutions):   Twitter  LinkedIn   download

Gerrymandering and the US government Shutdown:  Some analysts blame last year’s US political stalemate and subsequent government shutdown on the practice of ‘gerrymandering’: redrawing voting districts to manipulate election results. This talk will explain the history and concepts of the practice of gerrymandering, how it leads to polarisation and subsequent political stalemate.

Do you have an interesting start-up, idea, experience or ‘war story’ you’d like to share in 5-10 minutes? Then send us an email (, with a title, a short description, and why you think we should pick your talk!

Register for this  here, or join the Meetup group.

See you there!!!

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