GeoRabble Tas #2

GeoRabble Tas #1 was a great success, and #2 is looking to be fantastic too!

We’ve got four great speakers speaking on a diverse range of topics. See you there.

When: Thursday the 20th of March, 5 – 7 pm

WhereRepublic Bar, North Hobart

What: Beer, Food, Conversation and Punchy Presentations


  • John Corbett – Virtual Sandbox (I’m pretty excited about this, it includes a live demo, and funnily enough it’s physical)
  • Rob Rowell – If visualising information is beautiful – is GIS the Ugly Sister?
  • Peter Boyer – Coast and Climate Change: a Tough Policy Challenge
  • Steven Harvey and Ryan Anthony – Making the W.S. Sharland 1826 Map of Launceston Interactive

This event is sponsored by Insight GIS, thanks Insight! For more info, contact alex.

Register here: GeoRabble Tas #2

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