Speaker #1 (not necessarily first on stage) for GeoRabble Brisbane #3 – Andy Stewart


We have a bio and talk description for one of the previously announced speakers for GeoRabble Brisbane #3 (follow this link to register) on Tuesday 23 April 2016 6:00-8:00pm

According to an unnamed admirer:

Andy Stewart will be well known to many as one of the Senior Spatial Information officers at Department of Natural Resources. He has played a key role in a number of high profile projects involving both remote sensing and web-mapping applications. His current role sees him leading the existing client mapping services within Queensland government towards a Web 2.0 approach.

He has played a key role in responding to the natural disasters that have occurred across Queensland over the past couple of years, most recently the flooding that occurred in Bundaberg. This devastating event enabled the valuable lessons learned after 2011 with Cyclone Yasi to be put into action to enable rapid response to the needs of those needing accurate flood maps that were both quickly generated but also importantly, accurate. Andy will pass on some of the lessons learned and that were put into action.

Andy tells us that he is  a former Snow Skiing Instructor and qualified Adventure Racing and Triathlon Coach, who has represented Australia and finished the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon. Therefore he will be in unfamiliar territory attending an event in a bar, but we have assured him of a friendly audience. “

Co-sponsored by GIS Recruitment and AAM

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