GeoRabble Brisbane #10 – Speakers Announced!

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The Brisbane GeoRabble crew are super excited to welcome our first two speakers to the upcoming event in March:

  • Peter Timmers – speaking on the work of the Queensland Emergency Services team and the GIS team in response to recent bush fire events
  • Len Olycott – presenting on the work that Queensland Department of Parks and Wildlife have been doing in collaboration with the Emergency Services

Stay tuned for another announcement soon of possible speakers from The Ripper Rescue Alliance, WIRES and iRecover platform….but in the meantime, scuttle over this way to register for the event on 11th March 2020 @ the Charming Squire; tickets are moving quick!

We are still looking for a sponsor for this event – if you’d like to help out please reach out via email or twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

GeoRabble Brisbane #10 – Spatial in Disaster Response,Resilience & Recovery

The Brisbane GeoRabble crew are excited to announce that registrations are now open for the next ‘Rabble on 11th March 2020 – head over this way to register.

We are still looking for speakers and sponsors – if you have a story, tool, data or anything to share with the spatial community about disaster response, recovery & resilience we’d love to hear from you.

The team is also considering whether to run this as fundraising event – what are your (the community!) thoughts? Hit us up on twitter or email us here.



BrisRabble – Only One Week to Go!

With only one week to go until the next Brisbane GeoRabble we are getting super excited to rabble…!

Announcing our first two speakers:

  • Stephen Kelly – GIS through the ages.
  • Stephen Donaldson – Cloud Anchors – The key to the Metaverse

{more to be announced soon!}

If you haven’t registered yet, head over this way:

And if you’re keen to share your story with Brisbane geospatial community, get in touch! We still have a spot or two for speakers.

Thank you again to our sponsors for the night Benchmrk by Geolocarta and Go2Asset.

GeoRabble Sydney: Xmas event


As it’s getting to the end of 2019, we look forward to seeing you, reflect back on the year, plan for your next move and of course have fun!

We’ll be waiting for you at Harpoon Harry on the 28/11 at 6pm for a night of networking!

As a Xmas tradition, we’ll hear from the founders about what this meetup was for them and what it brought them.

We’re also lucky to get a snapshot of the GIS job market thanks to Peter Landis from 360HR: what the skills on demand and where the jobs are.

Finally, we’ll have an open mic session for job offers and job hunt.

Ticket registration:

Drinks and the delicious pub food can be purchased at the bar.

GeoRabble Brisbane #9 – Return of BrisRabble!

GeoRabble returns to Brisbane for one last hurrah before the decade of the 20-teens is out!

Come celebrate with us as we leave the tumultuous teens and (hopefully) mature into our geospatial 2020s (possibly aligned to GDA, but lets not go there just yet).

We’re are putting out the call for speakers, so if you have a bugbear <idea>, story, discovery, topic, musing or the funniest collection of spatial memes to grace the internet –  we’d love to hear from you!

And we also need an audience! Head over this way to register if you’d like to come along and join us for all sorts of geo-goodness.


GeoRabble returns to Tasmania on Thursday 17 October 2019 at St John Craft Beer Bar on St John Street Launceston, sponsored by Esk Mapping and GIS. Networking drinks start at 5:30pm. Presentations commence shortly there after followed by more networking.

RSVP and enjoy the night with friends sharing geospatial ideas, free of sales pitches and hidden agendas! Each presentation is light, relevant to geo-something and only 10 minutes long.


John Dent – Convict Probation Stations in Northern Tasmania

There are nearly 30 convict probation or road stations in northern Tasmania dating from the 1820s to 1850s. The exact location of only a handful of these stations is actually known. Historic maps and surveying expertise is leading to the discovery of some of these convict sites and subsequent archaeological investigation is revealing that much still remains from these early convict sites.

Leigh Cornwell – Surveying for City of Launceston

Surveying and asset management has changed a great deal over the past 20 years from paper plans and assets recorded for a handful of features to creating and maintaining asset records for just about everything Council owns. We’ll take a look at what they are and the techniques used for surveying them as well as some other areas that use the Councils surveying services.

Tim Bendall – Port Arthur Historic Web Map

Port Arthur is a web mapping project for the public and for archeologists / academics. It shows the site as it was during it’s time as a convict prison and via a time slider you can see the site as it was for any year between 1833 and 1878. This includes records of any offenses committed on-site and all of this data is searchable. We also allow for admin users to upload and display georeferenced images including historic plans.

Alex Leith – Building Digital Earth Africa

At Geoscience Australia, we’re building the technical components of Digital Earth Africa, which is a project that aims to make Earth observation data and analyses more accessible for the entire African continent.

This will be an unapologetically technical talk about solving unreasonably big data problems using cloud services and will briefly talk about impacts, challenges and opportunities involved in the Digital Earth Africa project.

Date: Thursday 17th October, 2019
Time: Doors open 5:30pm, Presentations from 5.45 pm
Location: St John Craft Beer, Launceston

Standard Georabble Format: A handful speakers, 10 mins each, usual rules.

Registration: Attendance is free, but for catering purposes we need you to register!

Big shoutout and thanks to Esk Mapping and GIS for sponsoring GeoRabble this time.


GeoRabble Melbourne Thursday 17 October

GeoRabble returns to Melbourne on Thursday 17 October 2019 at the Imperial on Bourke Street. Networking drinks start at 5:30pm. Presentations commence shortly there after followed by more networking.

Grab yourself a ticket and enjoy the night with friends sharing geospatial ideas, free of sales pitches and hidden agendas! Each presentation is light, relevant to geo-something and only 10 minutes long.


Sylvia Niderla – My job was boring so I automated it (in FME)

Using FME to automate repetitive/manual tasks, replace lengthy scripts and extract CAD files (DGN) to a web mapping application.

Ayeisha Sheldon – My journey as a young Women in Geospatial science 

Ayeisha will highlight key projects she has worked on, lessons learnt and experience gained. These projects include, mapping for disaster reduction within the Asia Pacific and projects while working for the Space Applications Section at the United Nations ESCAP.

Dayna Hayman – The power of visualisation

Coming from a visual design background, Dayna has a great appreciation for the ways in which good visualisations are an indispensable tool to help teams understand content and reflect on their experiences. In this talk, Dayna will discuss how she has used graphic live-scribing in highly technical workshops, and the unique value that it has delivered in these contexts.

Kate Williams – Fishermans Bend Digital Twin Demonstrator Project

Victoria’s first digital twin project for urban planning will demonstrate the digital future of our cities through the application of state-of-the-art planning and mapping technology to visualise Fishermans Bend, Australia’s largest urban renewal project, covering 485 hectares in the heart of Melbourne and soon to be home and workplace for over 80,000 people. Kate will share the scope of the demonstrator project, and discuss key learnings from the first 4 months of this initiative.

If you have a great geospatial idea that you would like to share with a group of like-minded people, we want you for our next GeoRabble! Contact the GeoRabble committee to express your interesting topic in 20 words or less, or email your idea to

We would like to thank our sponsor ThinkPlace without which we could not hold this event.

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Georabble: Get your Rabble On in Perth – 21st August 2019

Georabble Returns to Perth on the 21st of August 2019!


  • Merindah Bairnsfather-Scott and Dion Fleming – Learnings from the Indigenous Mapping Workshop
  • Craig Carpenter – MAPSWA – We Want You!
  • Don Abbey – Dynamic Datums
  • Mehdi Ravanbaksh – Image to Insight
  • Peter Condon – Pole Top Fire Modelling

Get your free ticket Georabble #23.

Date: 21st August 2019
Time: Doors open at 5:30pm, the ‘rabblin starts at 6pm.
Location: Universal Bar, 221 William St, Northbridge 6003
Format: Mixed bag of spatial goodness
Registration: Attendance is free, but for catering purposes we need you to register!

Follow @georabble on twitter or use the hashtag #georabbleper to join the conversation.

We can’t hold these events without the help of the greater Geocommunity! Please contact us if you’d like to be a part of sponsoring a future event or get involved in helping organise an event.

This event brought to you by the Perth GeoRabble team and sponsored by Georabble friends NGIS.

Next Event in Sydney locked in! 22/08/19

We’ve lined up interesting talks for you! And of course, there will be a chance for networking.

Time flies when you’re having fun at work! It’s time to get together and hear about the amazing discoveries and achievements you’ve accomplished since we last saw you.

Your speakers for the night will be:

  • Mike Bewley: “AI Systems: More than Models”. Mike will discuss the challenges (and rewards!) of doing petabyte scale deep learning on geospatial imagery – from building quick and dirty prototype models, to the robust, scalable infrastructure of an AI system.
  • Michael Chang: The “Missing Link in Spatial Career Pathways”. Michael will share his experience on Professional And Community Engagement (PACE) activities at Macquarie University. This talk aims to bring up for discussion how spatial community/tertiary education may attract and train more skilful and employable young professions into the discipline.
  • Ken Tsang “Trials and tribulations of real-time transit data”      Ken will discuss some of the challenges he faced building his own map-based, cross-jurisdiction real-time transport app and some observations about creating open standards.


GeoRabble is about you!

Don’t forget, you’re the GeoRebels! We’re keen to hear your suggestions to make the event to your liking. Help us to shape it your way!

As always we’ll organise nibbles in a laid back atmosphere to network and discover a few things.

It will be a fun night in Sydney on the 22nd of August at Harpoon Harry!


Contact us on to add the title and abstract of your presentation.

Register on Meetup or Eventbrite

See you soon!

This event brought to you by the Sydney GeoRabble team and sponsored by our friends @ SSSI


We’re still calling out for sponsors for our next few events!

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