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After a very long hiatus GeoRabble is finally returning to Canberra! Accompanying Locate22, we’ll be kicking off Monday night’s activities with drinks and good times.

Join us and our wonderful speakers at King O’Malley’s in Civic on Monday 23rd May, thanks to our generous sponsor NGIS. Book now through eventbrite as places are limited! 

For those new to GeoRabble, our event is a chance to catch up with other GIS folks and make new friends. There will also be a few presentations strictly adhering to the following rules:

Presentations no longer than 10 minutes.

  • Celebrate each others’ triumphs.
  • Respect each others’ choice – no technology bigotry.
  • No sales pitches – this includes services, software, data etc.
  • No company logos or ‘about us’ slides.

We look forward to seeing you in person at:

Location: 131 City Walk, Canberra ACT 2601

(Or -35.27836, 149.13102 or ///boot.horses.models for the elite GeoGeeks amongst us)

Date: Monday 23rd May

Time: 7-9pm

Tickets available on Eventbrite

Speaker line up

  • Amelia Davies (she/her), Director Location Capability Australian Bureau of Statistics, Chair of the SSS-DLN – Inclusion@Work Index
  • Warwick Sayers, Nova Systems – Geospatial in PowerBI
  • Ben Turrell, Simple Spatial

Melbourne GeoRabble – It’s happening on Thursday 24th March 2022

That’s a wrap! Fantastic GeoRabble Melbourne event last night, thanks to our speakers, Mina, Phil, Steve and our sponsor, Spatial Vision.

If you are interested in speaking or what to sponsor, get in touch, until next time Rabblers…

So its been a long time between talks, between drinks it’s been a long time full stop.

The crew is bringing you a GeoRabble Melbourne event for Thursday 24th March at the Clyde Hotel. Head over to Eventbrite to get tickets:

We have four great speakers in the wings and are looking for two more.

So if interested, please email or drop us a line on the social feeds. Special mention to our Sponsor Spatial Vision!

It would be great to see you all and as we get more information we will be sharing it.

Speaker line up

Mina Jahanshahi

Let’s talk slope analysis and why it’s flawed

Months ago a front-page ABC article detailed how differences in a GIS slope analysis created variances on the map and had material impacts on logging areas. As spatial professionals, we should be able to fully understand and defend the geo-processes we use and more importantly what we don’t use.

Rafe Benli

Place naming and Traditional Owner languages

Learn about the importance of place naming, connections to Sustainable Development Goals, gender equality and initiatives planned for the United Nations Decade of Indigenous Languages.

Philip Mallis

Mapping Banh Mi

Banh mi are probably one of the most popular lunch meals in Australia. I set out to map the over 300 shops in Melbourne that sell them, including data on the cost. This can reveal some interesting spatial insights!

Philip is a transport planner working in Melbourne, and makes maps in his spare time. You can see these at:

Steve Bennett

15,000 random adventures

In 2008, the xkcd webcomic published a formula that generates a random, unpredictable location every day within each 1 degree graticule. Thus was born the sport of “geohashing”, which has since seen more than 15,000 expeditions around the world, as serendipity-seekers set out through sun, snow and suburbia to stand…nowhere special. Steve showcases the highs and lows of this literally random caper, through a purpose-built data visualisation tool,

Steve is a freelance web developer and Mapbox expert, known for visualisations of large datasets such as More examples at

And thanks to our Sponsor Spatial Vision!!

If that wasn’t enough Spatial Vision are recruiting, check out their page for opportunities:

GeoRabble Brisbane #10 – Tonight!

🎄It’s jingle time!🎄

It’s finally here! We are excited to have lined up 4 fantastic speakers for tonight’s event and with over 100 registered it’s bound to be a very merry night!

  • Brett Dascombe: Empowering the next generation of GeoGeeks
  • Rob Clout: International business travel during a global pandemic
  • Samantha Garbutt: Engaging a neurodiverse / autistic workforce to help solve our industries skills shortage
  • Paul Mead: SheMaps – why we need to reimagine STEM

So get yourself a ticket (sadly COVID means no ticket, no getting in) but don’t worry tickets are free and come with a guarantee of no spam or junk, just an invite to a great night out.

Thanks to our fabulous sponsors for the evening, NGIS, without whom this night wouldn’t be possible!

GeoRabble Sydney – Next week!

With GeoRabble Sydney fast approaching, we’re excited to announce our lineup of speakers for the evening. Tickets are limited, so register now to guarantee your spot – there are only 20 left!


Nick Evershed, the data and interactives editor for Guardian Australia, will be talking about visualising COVID-19 data for the public.

Mary-Ellen Feeny will be tackling the ‘allied industries’, discussing spatial and the converging environments of data science, engineering, automation, predictive analytics.

Alex Allchin will be presenting on treasure hunting with old maps, detailing his adventures in using modern tech to find survey marks from the 1800s.

Brittany Dahl will be sharing her experience mentoring the next generation of GeoGeeks.

Wilson Yung will be speaking about using mobility data analysis to understand post-lockdown business recovery.

We look forward to seeing you there!

GeoRabble Brisbane #10 -Last Minute Xmas Party🎅

Christmas is almost here, borders are opening, restrictions are easing. So grab your Christmas cheer and join us for some fun and networking!

OK, this is a little last minute, as is often the case at Christmas, but we are all keen to get out and have some fun and network before Xmas holidays, so spread the word far and wide and get as many people as we can down to the usual venue, and leave 2021 in the rear view mirror.

We will be holding the event on Tuesday the 7th December from 5:30ish, with the usual proceedings kicking off at about 6 depending on how distracted our MC gets by catching up with all of you lovely people!

For those who haven’t been lucky enough to attend a Georabble event before, the details are very simple:

  1. Celebrate each others’ triumphs
  2. Respect each others’ choice – no technology bigotry
  3. No sales pitches – this includes services, software, data etc.
  4. No company logos or ‘about us’ slides

Or more simply, its a night of fun, with a little bit of education, but an opportunity to network, meet new friends and catch up with old friends.

So get yourself a ticket, sadly COVID means no ticket, no getting in, but don’t worry tickets are free and come with a guarantee of no spam or junk, just an invite to a great night out.

A big thank you to the very lovely team from  NGIS who have agreed to sponsor the evening.

So go get a ticket, tell your friends and we will see you there!

GeoRabble Sydney – Goodbye 2021!

After a long hiatus GeoRabble is finally returning to Sydney for one last hurrah before we say goodbye to 2021.

That’s right, you read correctly folks: a real life face-to-face event on Wednesday 15th December, where all backgrounds will be real and no one will be on mute. (Apart from when our wonderful speakers will be presenting, of course – more on that soon!)

Thanks to our generous sponsors at Mercury Project Solutions, there will even be some food provided on the night. 

Register now to reserve your spot at *THE* GeoGeek event of the season. Places are limited!

For those new to GeoRabble, our event is a chance to catch up with other GIS folks and make new friends. There will also be a few presentations strictly adhering to the following rules:

  • Presentations no longer than 10 minutes.
  • Celebrate each others’ triumphs.
  • Respect each others’ choice – no technology bigotry.
  • No sales pitches – this includes services, software, data etc.
  • No company logos or ‘about us’ slides.

We look forward to seeing you in person at:

Location: The Occidental Hotel, 43 York St, Sydney NSW 

(Or 33°52’00.1″S 151°12’20.5″E for the elite GeoGeeks amongst us)

Date: Wednesday 15th December

Time: 6-9pm

Thanks again to our sponsor:

GeoRabble Sydney: Speakers Announced!

GeoRabble Sydney is this week, and we’re excited to announce the lineup of speakers who have kindly volunteered to enlighten us for the evening. Tickets are limited so get in quick!

#1 Peita Blythe:

Peita is a map illustrator & designer who has drawn locations all over the world. She will be sharing insight into her design process, including her recent Inner West Ale Trail project.

#2 Ken Tsang:

Ken is a developer and brains behind many cool mapping applications. He will be speaking about the trials and tribulations of building his most recent ‘viral’ project COVID-19 Near Me.

#3 Claire Daniel:

Claire is an urban planner, programmer and spatial data person currently undertaking a PhD. They will be speaking about the challenges of data for good urban planning, particularly focusing on business location data in the hope that the audience might have some ideas.

#4: Matt Williams & Nate Henry:

Spotto is a Sydney startup turning assets into location data. Their technology is enabling all sorts of useful indoor mapping, such as helping hospitals find critical equipment. They’ll be talking about their journey and the challenges of finding things.

GeoRabble Sydney

Calling all GeoGeeks in the Sydney region, we are excited to announce that Georabble is officially back on the map!

Our first post-COVID event will be held on Thursday 15th April at Hotel Harrys in Surry Hills, starting at 6pm with speakers kicking off shortly after.

Due to capacity restrictions tickets are limited, so get in quick! Attendees will receive a drink voucher on arrival.

Speakers to be announced shortly, but for those about to experience their first ever GeoRabble the details are simple:

– Presentations no longer than 10 minutes

– Celebrate each others’ triumphs

– Respect each others’ choice – no technology bigotry

– No sales pitches – this includes services, software, data etc.

– No company logos or ‘about us’ slides

So grab yourself a ticket, get off Zoom, and come catch up F2F with old friends and make some new ones while you’re at it.

See you there!

COVID Lockdown

Well I think we can all agree that we will be happy to see the back of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Whilst 3 days of lockdown is not that bad, if only the lockdown started from Wednesday morning!

So as you will all have likely realised by now, the news from the State Government regarding the COVID lockdown in Brisbane means we are unable to hold the Georabble event tomorrow. We are obviously disappointed, we were all very excited to get out and see everyone again.

So, to provide some good news, we are not cancelling, we are merely delaying the event for a month. Same venue, same speakers, same excitement and fun will now be had on a new date.

Provisionally we are scheduled for 21st April, but we are just finalising rearrangements. But pencil that date in your diary. 

And trust me, the wait will be worth it, its going to be a lot of fun!

I hope everyone enjoys the virtual Locate, and Happy Easter!  See you in a month

Georabble Brisbane Update

Wow, you lot are keen for a night out! The response has been great with over 100 already registered and many more confirming every day. Its going to be a great night at the Charming Squire. Don’t leave it to the last minute to book, we will have to cut off the registrations when we hit 180. So sign up here

We have confirmed our first three speakers and at least one more to join the list.

The amazing Jess Watson from the Dept of Resources is doing some incredible work Using AI to Accurately Position Queensland’s Property Boundaries. A hugely important project that just happens to also save money, save time, and improve data that underpins pretty much everything else.

Marcus Toyne describes himself as “self-confessed geek with a love of all things spatial” which is kind of the perfect description if you want to speak at a future Georabble. Marcus is going to talk about some of the work done across Queensland Gov on bushfire severity mapping

Wayne Lee-Archer goes one step further in his profile, describing himself as follows: “Describing myself as a ‘zealot’ would severely understate the level of passion I have for GIS, location intelligence and the rise of the developer

Wayne has a fascinating topic – Mapping with Integrity

Many will understand the the responsibility we have as geospatial scientists to accurately represent the truth – like representing borders and not publishing images of Australia looking like the whole country is on fire and letting celebrity Instagram accounts spread the map as fact.

We will be arranging some food thanks to the very kind people from


And if you want to start early after a long day at the Locate Conference Live site, the SSSI APSEA-Q Drinks will be holding a happy hour at 5pm downstairs at Charming Squire (no registration required). Some of the award winners and nominees will be attendance, please go and say hello.