Melbourne GeoRabble – It’s happening on Thursday 24th March 2022

That’s a wrap! Fantastic GeoRabble Melbourne event last night, thanks to our speakers, Mina, Phil, Steve and our sponsor, Spatial Vision.

If you are interested in speaking or what to sponsor, get in touch, until next time Rabblers…

So its been a long time between talks, between drinks it’s been a long time full stop.

The crew is bringing you a GeoRabble Melbourne event for Thursday 24th March at the Clyde Hotel. Head over to Eventbrite to get tickets:

We have four great speakers in the wings and are looking for two more.

So if interested, please email or drop us a line on the social feeds. Special mention to our Sponsor Spatial Vision!

It would be great to see you all and as we get more information we will be sharing it.

Speaker line up

Mina Jahanshahi

Let’s talk slope analysis and why it’s flawed

Months ago a front-page ABC article detailed how differences in a GIS slope analysis created variances on the map and had material impacts on logging areas. As spatial professionals, we should be able to fully understand and defend the geo-processes we use and more importantly what we don’t use.

Rafe Benli

Place naming and Traditional Owner languages

Learn about the importance of place naming, connections to Sustainable Development Goals, gender equality and initiatives planned for the United Nations Decade of Indigenous Languages.

Philip Mallis

Mapping Banh Mi

Banh mi are probably one of the most popular lunch meals in Australia. I set out to map the over 300 shops in Melbourne that sell them, including data on the cost. This can reveal some interesting spatial insights!

Philip is a transport planner working in Melbourne, and makes maps in his spare time. You can see these at:

Steve Bennett

15,000 random adventures

In 2008, the xkcd webcomic published a formula that generates a random, unpredictable location every day within each 1 degree graticule. Thus was born the sport of “geohashing”, which has since seen more than 15,000 expeditions around the world, as serendipity-seekers set out through sun, snow and suburbia to stand…nowhere special. Steve showcases the highs and lows of this literally random caper, through a purpose-built data visualisation tool,

Steve is a freelance web developer and Mapbox expert, known for visualisations of large datasets such as More examples at

And thanks to our Sponsor Spatial Vision!!

If that wasn’t enough Spatial Vision are recruiting, check out their page for opportunities:

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