Georabble RETURNS!

Wow, what a year its been, and a LONG time between a real life, live Georabble. So imagine our excitement when restrictions eased, vaccines started appearing and we are able to hold an actual, in person Georabble!

First things, first, the amazing Charming Squire are the ones who have made this possible by making a venue available in these challenging times for all areas of hospitality.

We will be holding the event on Tuesday the 30th March from 5:30ish, with the usual proceedings kicking off at about 6 depending on how distracted our MC gets by catching up with old friends.

The event is on the evening of the first proper day of the Locate Conference being held both online and in person at the Brisbane Convention Centre. If you haven’t registered already, please do, its expected to be the second biggest geospatial event of the year

For those who haven’t been lucky enough to attend a Georabble event before, the details are very simple:

  1. Celebrate each others’ triumphs
  2. Respect each others’ choice – no technology bigotry
  3. No sales pitches – this includes services, software, data etc.
  4. No company logos or ‘about us’ slides

Or more simply, its a night of fun, with a little bit of education, but an opportunity to network, meet new friends and catch up with old friends. And to look forward to the rest of 2021 with positivity and confidence that COVID isn’t going to stop us all doing amazing things and helping each other reach new heights.

So get yourself a ticket, sadly COVID means no ticket, no getting in, but dont worry tickets are free and come with a guarantee of no spam or junk, just an invite to a great night out.

MC for the night is the awesome Alex Geer, back by popular demand, and ready to chair the evenings festivities

And the very lovely team from Pointerra have agreed to sponsor the evening and hopefully, if COVID allows provide some food.

See you there!!

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