Start your own Rabble

We get regularly asked if we can help people organise a Rabble in their own location.

It’s easy! To help explain the concept, the rules, and provide some tips & tricks, we have recently updated our “GeoRabble Manifesto”.

Find it below, or download it here.

GeoRabble Manifesto

October 2012

GeoRabble provides a platform for the brilliant stories and experiences of smart geo people using geo tech in all its forms everyday. GeoRabble recognises how far geo has spread into everyday lives and businesses and the growing number of geo savvy people.

GeoRabble is about the quiet people who aren’t seen as part of the ‘traditional industry’ and giving them a chance to tell their stories and celebrate with their peers.

To make sure people feel comfortable to attend and speak and to have the widest possible audience it is vital that GeoRabble follows the following principles:

  1. GeoRabble is about Having Fun!
  2. GeoRabble is an independent event, for independent ideas
  3. GeoRabble is a free event
  4. GeoRabble is inclusive, and welcomes everyone who has the slightest interest in Geo
  5. At GeoRabble, we respect each other, the presenters and attendees
  6. GeoRabble is free of spruiking: that is no sales pitches, and no hidden agendas
  7. GeoRabble may actively seek out sponsorships to build a quality event. All sponsors are welcome, as long as the event maintains its independence and can maintain being an open platform for the geo-community. Just keep in mind that the major vendor and industry bodies have their forums and GeoRabble is designed to be free of those biases

Operational Guidelines

  1. GeoRabble is not a platform for individuals and we suggest that no one person is the leader.
    1. This is to avoid an individual’s day to day job colouring the perception that it is their employer that is driving the event.
    2. This way all duties can cycle through the core group to help spread the load, maintain energy and bring their geo circle into the event
    3. GeoRabble does not have formal membership or -fees, no general annual meeting, or committee meetings
    4. Expect the core group to change and cycle as members home and work life impacts availability so actively recruit new members to the Rabble
    5. Speakers should be selected (curated) on merit: they need to be sufficiently interesting and/or entertaining
    6. Presentations should not exceed 10 minutes
    7. Appoint one ‘producer’ for the event, who is accountable for the entire event. He or she is supported by other roles, such as MC, Sponsor manager, and Curator (find & select speakers)
    8. Actively seek out feedback and input from attendees and speakers, to improve and evolve the events but also to give the geo community a sense of ownership


  1. GeoRabble aims to connect and inspire people so the organising team wishes to keep events free of charge for attendees
  2. Thus, finding Sponsorship is encouraged, to cover expenses such as venue & equipment, speaker drinks and/or finger food.
  3. Sponsor privileges are:
    1. Acknowledgement as event sponsor in the pre-event publicity, and on the night (mention by the MC, logo on screen, optional pull-up banner)
    2. Ability to nominate a presenter/s for the event (while observing the above rules, i.e. no sales pitches, and presenters are selected on merit)
    3. The chance to network and meet new individuals who have the same passion to work with the location industry while not necessarily working within the industry.
    4. Sponsors cannot be guaranteed a speaking slot, nor will they be able to address the audience.

How to run your own GeoRabble?

GeoRabble started in Sydney in March 2011. At the time of writing (October 2012), there have also been GeoRabble events in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth.

If you want to organise a Rabble in your own location, it is very simple:

  • GeoRabble events are organised locally
  • Contact the original founders at with your proposed event details
  • Provided the event is consistent with the GeoRabble principles, we will provide you with:
    • Moral support, tips and advice
    • Use of the GeoRabble name and logo for the event
    • Access to the Blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts to help promote your event
    • Access to the Eventbrite account to manage registrations

Good luck, you will enjoy it!

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