1st Rule of GeoRabble: You are Georabble

To keep to the 1st and 3rd Rule of GeoRabble, the next Sydney event is going to be a celebration and a chance for you to influence the next events.

What are we celebrating?

We are absolutely amazed and stunned at how the GeoRabble idea has spread across the geo community. How it has been embraced, the energy, the commitment and the passion.

  • Over 380 fellow GeoRabblers have attended GeoRabble’s across the country.
  • 29 Presentations have been given by passionate and clever individuals
  • 5 Events have been held across the country
  • 3 GeoRabbles in Sydney, 1 GeoRabble in Perth and last but not least 1 GeoRabble in Melbourne
  • Importantly 8 Sponsors have kindly supported the events making sure you get a quality event

How can you be GeoRabble?

Come to the 1st of December drinks and tell us your thoughts.

  • What worked or didn’t work.
  • Different event formats
  • You want to join the organising Rabble
  • Like the venue, or not.
  • Bring back the Pizzas!

All ideas are more than welcome and we will throw them into the mix for next year.

So come along to the Occidental Hotel (near Wynyard Station) where we held the first ever GeoRabble, at 6pm on Thursday 1st December and we are looking forward to some great conversations and fun.

Please register at http://georabblexmas.eventbrite.com (it’s free, as always)

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