GeoRabble Tas #2 – Post-Event Wrapup

GeoRabble Tas #2 was a another success. Feedback received after the event was very positive: great food, great presenters and a great venue (thanks, Republic Bar).

On the presenters, it was a diverse bunch of folks. The evening started with Peter Boyer, who writes about climate change from a Tasmanian perspective. Peter gave us an excerpt from the latest IPCC report, which was a timely reminder that this issue is not going away and that we need to continue planning for it.

Next Steven Harvey and Ryan Anthony spoke about transforming a map drawn in 1826 into a modern interactive web-map. They spent last summer digitising the Sharland map, including information and images relating to buildings and property owners that were present on the old map.

Rob Rowell, from Insight GIS, then got us all excited about visualisation with a presentation entitled ‘If Visualising Information is Beautiful – is GIS the Ugly Sister?’ which contained many examples of beautiful non-maps, spatial information presented in innovative ways.

Buy my highlight of the evening was John Corbett and his ‘virtual sandpit’, which is difficult to give justice to in words. Here’s what it does:

  • It’s got a Kinect sensor and a projector, both pointed at a 1 m x 2 m area of terrain (composed of bean bags and tubes with a white sheet over it all)
  • An attached laptop models the surface in real time and projects snow-capped mountain peaks in the high bits and leafy green forests that grow over the low bits
  • Then there’s a water source , which is powered by an ‘industrial strength fluid model’, and which creates streams and lakes all while reacting to changes to the landscape and your hands
  • There’s a little toy Humvee, which you can drive through the landscape splashing through the water and leaving tire tracks behind it
  • For the grand finale, if you push the top of the mountain in, a vol lava flows out the top of the newly created volcano!

We have photos, but really you had to be there…


Terrain in the Virtual Sandbox

Terrain in the Virtual Sandbox

Terrain and truck in the Virtual Sandbox

Terrain and truck in the Virtual Sandbox

Terrain, water, lava and chaos in the Virtual Sandbox

Terrain, water, lava and chaos in the Virtual Sandbox

GeoRabble All-Stars coming to Canberra

Georabble presents an All Star event brought to you by Boundless and LocationTech, on Monday 7 April

As an allied event with the Locate14 conference, Georabble organisers have put together an array of All Star top speakers plus a few new ones lead by MapStory‘s Chris Tucker.

The Line-Up includes:

  • Pia Waugh – Open Data Ninja
  • Julian Carver – Land Information New Zealand
  • Denise McKenzie – Open Geospatial Consortium
  • Mike Bradford – Landgate WA
  • Jody Garnett – Boundless
  • Chris Tucker – Mapstory

Plus more

Come and enjoy this free event; register here.

Have questions about Georabble All Stars – Canberra? Contact GeoRabble. Read the rest of this entry »

GeoRabble Tas #2

GeoRabble Tas #1 was a great success, and #2 is looking to be fantastic too!

We’ve got four great speakers speaking on a diverse range of topics. See you there.

When: Thursday the 20th of March, 5 – 7 pm

WhereRepublic Bar, North Hobart

What: Beer, Food, Conversation and Punchy Presentations


  • John Corbett – Virtual Sandbox (I’m pretty excited about this, it includes a live demo, and funnily enough it’s physical)
  • Rob Rowell - If visualising information is beautiful – is GIS the Ugly Sister?
  • Peter Boyer - Coast and Climate Change: a Tough Policy Challenge
  • Steven Harvey and Ryan Anthony – Making the W.S. Sharland 1826 Map of Launceston Interactive

This event is sponsored by Insight GIS, thanks Insight! For more info, contact alex.

Register here: GeoRabble Tas #2

Insight GIS Logo

GeoRabble Xmas in Brisbane (aka #5)!

Georabble Christmas

It’s that time of year again when thoughts of the GeoRabble in Brisbane turn to Xmas!

Our latest event with ticket “sales” breaking through 120, and fast approaching the “capacity” of 150, is on tomorrow night, Tue 3 December 2013, at the Pig n Whistle.

For all the details visit GeoRabble Brisbane’s home page or jump straight here to register!

As an insider’s tip I am sure at least some of us will stay on after the official event close at 8pm and grab a bite to eat at the restaurant towards the front of the hotel.

Perth Georabble #8 Review

Around 170 people were a part of Perth’s biggest rabbling ever, with MC John Bryant leading the evening.  The event was held at Crown Burswood as a part of the WALIS Forum. Thanks to our sponsors SIBA (Spatial Industries Business Association) and WALIS Forum for having us there.

Brett Madsen was the first speaker, and it was a privilege to have a founding GeoRabble kick-starter from the East join us. His tale of where he has come from kept the audience captivated. Rules of GeoRabble may have almost been broken when services and business were hinted at –come on @DARKspatialLORD you should know better!

Darren and Brett

Darren gives Brett the slide clicker in return for a beer

Perth’s own GeoRabble committee member Darren Mottolini took over the microphone to let us in on distorting maps and how to get a message communicated through map distortions. Ending with zombie maps, what was not to enjoy in Darren’s talk?

A further founding GeoRabble kick-starter, Maurits van der Vlugt travelled a long way just to join Perth GeoRabblers for the evening (well, we would like to think it was just for us!). He delved into the fascinating topic of gerrymandering, and the influence that electoral boundaries have on election outcomes.

Lise Summers gave us a fascinating look into how maps are carefully taken out of archives, off the printed and hand drawn pages and captured into formats able to come alive on our computer screens. Lise’s description of her experiences with the digital capture process was an eye opener, to say the least. The amount of work and care taken to not destroy these precious pages in the capture process was remarkable.

Ever built a computer chair out of a car seat and a massage chair so that you can fully experience the bumps in the road in a game? Well, Erik Champion was involved in doing so. Making computer games come alive and really getting to experience the simulation world made for a fantastic talk.

Helen Ensikat has created Beaufort Street Maps capturing Beaufort Street in a stunning way. Various aspects of this street have been captured from Helen’s view point. From the coffee shop where she drank great coffee, to the stars, the food ratings of the restaurants, tagging on the walls, to the little black poodle which has a fluffy tail have been captured for all to see.

Please come along to the final gathering for 2013. This month we’ll be joining forces with the Perth GeoSpatial Network to celebrate the end of year with some casual drinks at Bob’s Bar ( ). We look forward to seeing you there :-)
When: Wednesday, 4th Dec, 5:30pm
Where: Bob’s Bar (Rooftop bar of the Print Hall)

If we don’t see you there, we hope you have a great festive season and we’ll see you in the new year – for GeoRabble #9!

Geo-Trivia and Xmas Drinks – Sydney, Thursday 5 December

Join us for the annual GeoRabble Sydney Christmas drinks & pizzas, from 6PM upstairs at the Occidental Hotel.

As always – this is a free event, and pizza will be supplied (sponsored by Omnilink)


There will be no formal talks this time, but there will be a Geo-Trivia show with liquid prizes (donated by Scalable Solutions and Mercury Project Solutions)!

Hosted by first-hour rabbler Francisco Urbina, you will have the chance to win free drinks by demonstrating your knowledge of some of the more (and less) obscure geo-trivia we are going to come up with over the next two weeks!

Though it’s a free event, you will need to register here, or RSVP at our Meetup Group.

Looking forward to see you all at the Occidental, on Thursday 5 December.

Image Credit: Courtesy of jppi on

GeoRabble Tas #1 – Post Event Writeup

The first GeoRabble Tas was held on Thursday the 14th of November and attracted almost 40 registrations. The event was held at Tattersalls in Hobart in their upstairs room, which was probably a little small for the number of people. But the food was great, and free, thanks to the event’s sponsor, Geometry. Thanks Geometry! The speakers were excellent, and the crowd’s vibe very positive.

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