GeoRabble Tas #4 – PostEventWriteup

GeoRabble Tas #4 was another success, though it was pretty cold and in the middle of winter. The crowd was down a little, but there were a nice group of around fifty there, enjoying the presentations that had been extricated from the bowels of the federal agencies (CSIRO, ACE CRC and UTAS). ACE CRC sponsored, which was awesome.

I enjoyed Guy’s talk about Robots in the air and sea. Certainly some good info there, and another light update about the very real issue of climate change, as well as the near impossibility of inferring sea ice thickness from the surface! Brett Muir then introduced us to the fancy big ship. The problem of working out a relationship between a moving boat, some GNSS antennas and a bit of sensor sticking out the bottom of the ship, or being towed 2 km under the sea is a good one. Iain spoke of wine, while waving wine around and talking about the difficulty of calibrating an infra-red sensor. And finally, Bec spoke about the Argo program, and the fancy autonomous floats journeying around the ocean.

There’s not much more to say. The reports coming back indicate it was a roiling success, so there will be another, I just don’t know when.



Iain Clarke talking about wine, while drinking wine.

Iain Clarke talking about wine, while drinking wine.

What a great audience!

What a great audience!

Guy Williams talking about the usual suspects.

Guy Williams talking about the usual suspects.



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The Winter Rabble that Was

GeoRabble once again proved that interesting stories can come from anywhere and it isn’t all about maps and GIS. The 13th instalment of GeoRabble came on a cold, wet night yet for the over 80 strong crowd they were entertained and amazed by a handful of interesting speakers. The gender balance was certainly in favour of the women speakers with 5 out of the 6 showing that this certainly isn’t a boys club. Maya Dominice kicked off proceedings as our MC for the night and a special thanks to Ajilon for sponsoring the event.

First up, Helen Ensikat (a now pro on the Georabble talking circuit) provided an interesting insight into the, a view Perth through the ages. This is a cultural history of Perth lands hacked up during the recent Festival of Perth events and a smart use of mapping for interactive with our historical past.

Grace Yun proved that Health Services are fundamentally linked to location and people and provided the audience with an insight into the detail and complex nature of health mapping. I certainly feel much better for hearing this talk, knowing that so much goes into ensuring that the health of the state has so much rich data supporting the activities of our dedicated health staff. Cecilia from Curtin University took a look into how we travel from day to day and apply this to our surroundings showing mobility and walkability. How to build a walk-able community based on knowing landmarks and people, an interesting research project, one that I’m sure will be used for planning in years to come.

Eun-Jung from UWA delved into our own backyard (literally) and talked about how automation in mineral detection (let’s face it, WA is a resources state) is now starting to break through by combining smart people and smart technology saving $$ in the meantime. I know that a number of resource companies would be well placed if they engaged with EJ’s work!

Elizabeth-Kate was next up and talked about how we are data rich but discovery poor and how her work can change how we search for data in the future. Taking common language queries into the spatial data searching world is almost a mythical legend although EK is forging a path here and by the looks of her talk it is being well researched and will make data searching much easier in the future.

Finally – last but certainly not least was Andrew (in support with Petra) oversaw the team at Curtin University whom recently surveyed (in amazing high detail) the HMAS Sydney and HSK Kormoran and treated us with a world first view into the data and imagery captured. An innovative use of surveying and imaging technology, preserving our history and a tribute to the lives lost in that fateful encounter. Read more about this fascinating survey here:


With some added footage now available on You Tube:

And with that, we are pleased to announce the next Georabble for Perth will be on the 9th of September and this is the only hint I will give to the event “Rise of the machines”. We hope to see you there. Event details will be on-line soon so please keep an eye on this space.

This one time, at GeoRabble Camp…

Who’s interested in a weekend away with geo-friends?

We’re exploring the idea of a weekend away in Sydney for GeoRabblers.

We envisage a mixture of hands-on coding, technical workshops, presentations, and just generally hanging out by the campfire with like-minded people. It’ll be like a regular GeoRabble, only more.

We’re thinking of holding GeoRabble Camp in Autumn 2016 in Sydney somewhere. Camping will be optional – we’ll find a venue with beds and showers!

If you like the sound of GeoRabble Camp, head to this short survey and let us know.

GeoRabble Tas #4 is Coming, July 2015

GeoRabble Tas #4

GeoRabble Tas #4 is booked in for the 23rd of July, at the Republic Bar in North Hobart from 5 pm until around 7 pm. Another fantastic sponsor has emerged from the woodwork, the ACE CRC, which is awesome, and we’ve got four excellent presenters.

Presenters include:

  • Guy Williams, from the ACE CRC, talking about sea ice and drones
  • Brett Muir, from CMAR, talking about the new boat (the big one)
  • Ian Clarke, from UTAS, talking about working with a FLIR Photon 320 thermal infrared sensor
  • Catriona Johnson, from CSIRO, talking about the ARGO program

See you there!


Eventbrite - GeoRabble Tas #4


Antarctic Climate Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre

GeoRabble Melbourne # 7 has been announced!

GeoRabble returns to Melbourne on Thursday 25th June 2015 at the Royal Melbourne Hotel, 629 Bourke St, Melbourne. Networking drinks 5:30pm. Presentations commence: 6:00pm followed by more networking.

Grab yourself a free ticket and enjoy the night with friends sharing geospatial ideas, free of sales pitches and hidden agendas!  Each presentation is light, relevant to geo-something and only 10minutes long.

Registrations now open go to Eventbrite to grab your ticket!

We are calling for guest speakers – if you have a spatial idea that you would like to share with a group of like minded people, we want you! Contact the GeoRabble committee asap to express your interesting topic in 20 words or less, or email your idea to

We will announce our speaker list soon

A very special thanks to our GeoAwesome sponsor Address Exchange without whom we couldn’t run this event and provide food to everyone.


GeoRabble Perth #13 – Perth doesn’t have a winter.

  • Helen Ensikat
  • Grace Yun
  • Cecilia Xia
  • Eun-Jung Holden
  • EK Gulland
  • Andrew Hutchison

Date: 3rd June, 2015
Time: Doors open 5:30pm, Presentations from 6:00 pm
Location: Universal Bar, William St, Northbridge

Proudly sponsored for the first time by Ajilon and produced by the Perth GeoRabble team


Format: Standard Rabble- A handful speakers, 10 mins each, usual rules.

Registration: Attendance is free, but for catering purposes we need you to register!

Follow @georabble on twitter or use the hashtag #georabbleper to join the conversation

We can’t hold these events without the help of the greater Geocommunity!

GeoRabble Perth 12 – The Mix Bag Wrap

GeoRabble 12 was an eye-opening extravaganza of topics we’d all love to get involved in and many being accessible and happening right here in Perth.

Volunteering a weekend to join a similarly willing and dedicated team in problem solving and programming was a timely showcase from Zane Prickett and an invitation to join Unearthed. Now in its second year, Unearthed was held in Perth in late March and is being expanded to 4 events across Australia in 2015. The Unearthed hackathon was set up to promote start-up companies and entrepreneurial ideas in the mining sector solving technical problems with innovative new ideas.

Dr Ori Gudes showed some incredible (sometimes frightening) tales of health stories told through maps. His journey in mapping diseases, nutrition, health tracking and getting all the health facts onto maps to help inform patients, planners and health professionals alike.

Erik Champion talked about the incredible 3D theatre HIVE at Curtin University and the work he and his students are doing by creating fully-immersive digital version of places around the world from long-ago. Virtual reality, open source tools and data including LIDAR, 360° photography and a little archaeological knowledge are used to share history as it’s never been taught before.

This type of interactive game play and learning is now allowing us to take part and interact with historical ritual in original settings and gain a better understanding of our heritage.

Mathieu Savard, all the way from Canada, demonstrated the wonderful world of motion capture for gaming with a live demo with a motion sensor input device  hooked up to a PC! His presentation showed us what can be done with a 3D model created in freely available software; and just what an engrossing and new experience we can create.

In the final presentation Steve Weiser showed us some of the drivers behind the Just Start IT program and how their 18 week high school program across some 30 schools in Perth is helping to instil business, life and technology skills in high school students. Steve demonstrated why it is so vitally important that we help to make this a generation of kids the new job creators in markets we haven’t seen or realised yet.

Big thanks to our Sponsors NGIS and all the speakers for the work they put in. Follow @georabble on twitter or use the hashtag #georabbleper to join the conversation.

Georabble 13 promises even more for hungry Perth audiences with tickets for the June event becoming available soon.


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