GeoRabble Brisbane #2 – 4 December 2012

Brisbane is joining the GeoRabble Christmas fun happening across the country during the first week of December. After the announcement of events in Sydney and Perth, we felt Brisbane couldn’t miss out and will be holding our Christmas event at the Platform Bar of the Grand Central Hotel (beneath Central Station) on the 4th December.

Please register to attend

The main aim of the evening is to get together and have some fun, make some new friends and reconnect with existing friends.

Bring your Christmas hats and best Christmas cheer as we aim to record a message for the Perth and Sydney events later in the week.

We are delighted to have 4 great talks mixed in with some Christmas spatial fun and games.

Alex Harris created and runs a site that uses community engagement and crowdsourcing to monitor and track the wherabouts and habits of koalas.

What she discovered was that, as with many attending the Georabble events, koala’s are really just desperate for a drink on a hot day.Run for free, is helping provide answers to three fundamental questions:

  • Just how many koalas are left?
  • Where do they live?
  • In what general condition?

Already, can prove that the Queensland government’s koala habitat maps in some areas bear almost no relationship to the whereabouts of koalas. That these habitat maps are the basis for infrastructure and urban development planning is a concern.

Wil Water – Engineers Without Borders

Wil was lucky enough to spend the past year on secondment in Cambodia working with Engineers Without Borders helping improve the GIS capabilities supporting the urban poor settlements. With support of Open Street Map and projects such as Mango Map, Wil will talk about how his experience can help others wanting to give back to areas less fortunate.

Chris McAlister – Destination SpatialThe purpose of Destination Spatial and its regional Executives is to support the surveying and spatial industry by providing the opportunities, forums, resources and direction required to deliver a skilled surveying and spatial workforce to meet current and future demand.Or more succintly, how can we get young people to realise this is the best dam industry there is, spatial is fun and those that work in it are amazing. Just look at Georabble and those who attend to see that 🙂

Shaun Kolomeitz – The balance between Open Source and Proprietary

Shaun works at the Qld Parks and Wildlife and has had to find a way to balance the benefits and advantages of Open Source and Proprietary software and find a balance that suits the needs of everyone. By using the benefits of Open standards, Shaun will share the benefits of his experiences, both good and bad about how to balance the strong views from both sides of the fence.

Spread the word, Tuesday night will hopefully be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to meet some great people.

See you there!

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