GeoRabble Brisbane #8 – 19 Mar 2019

We now have 120 people registered for our next installment of GeoRabble Brisbane.

We are delighted to have so many looking to come along for what should be a fun evening and a great opportunity to meet new people and catch up with old friends.

Its going to be pretty packed, as we had not expected such a response, but the venue is excellent, and there will be some food available early in the evening, get there early if you want some snacks. If you need to find the venue, we are located here:

In line with the World Science Fair that starts here in Brisbane this week, our presentations come from some very smart minds on a range of the latest technical trends

First up we are delighted to have Regional Director of Maxar Digital Globe, the worlds leading Space Technology Company. Peter Kinne, a man who knows more than almost anyone in Australia about the space industry, and a good friend of the spatial industry all over Australia, but we are proud that he calls Brisbane home!

Next up, we are excited to have our first GeoRabble Brisbane presentation from Esri Australia. The worlds leading GIS company who we are proud to say have their Australian headquarters here in Brisbane. Fresh off a trip to the US to the Esri Dev Summit, and always a very enteraining and popular presenter at conferences, Marty Sutcliffe will be providing an overview of topics ranging from 3D/VR/AR and the Importance of the User Expperience (UX) for web applications.

Next up will be Jamie Holyoak who will combine cute pictures of Koala’s and the hot topic of UAV/Drones to entertain us. He has promised clips of Predator style movies tracking their thermal signatures!

Last, but definitey not least, we are pleased to have Alison Oost, Alison has been cruising about the industry for more than a couple of decades now and will be presenting some thoughts about Data in the industry with her unique style in “What’s Up Data?”

We can’t wait to see you there and share a drink or two!

pkinne Clouds, Crowds and Breaking the Internet

Peter Kinne (PK) spent seven years as a CSIRO data scientist and many roles before eight years as Regional Director for Maxar DigitalGlobe. In his spare time, he has committee positions on the Queensland Government’s Space Industry Development Group and Brisbane Regional Development Australia.

Big data projects born in Brisbane include: the hunt for MH370, TC Pam, Geoscape, and finding the vineyards for Wine Australia.

Martyn Martyn is a senior GIS professional with broad experience developing and implementing spatial applications and leading spatial teams. He is skilled in in advanced geometric analysis, topological relationships and data analysis and passionate about promoting good cartography and design. Specific areas of interest include GIS user experience and 3D best practices.
Alison “What’s Up Data?”

Alison Oost has been cruising about the industry for more than a couple of decades now and will be presenting some thoughts about Data in the industry with her unique style in “What’s Up Data?”

Using the DeLorean time machine to head back in time to the beginning of the Spatial World then head to the Future. Let’s hope the DeLorean can provide us with some answers.

Jamie The spatial industry welcomed Jamie in 1999 with its photogrammetric hands but the deep spatial rabbit hole has seen Jamie move from workshop floor, to project management into senior management. When not conducting a survey at a solar farm, building datasets or chasing koalas in the wee hours, research and development continue to be a key focus.

His current work in advanced thermal detection methods of fauna using unmanned technology is one of his most satisfying achievements thus far.

Jamie’s UAV experience ranges from prototype platform development in the US, advanced system and sensor design flight testing, spatially focused flights, environmental management and cinematic operations.

At the Saunders Havill Group, he combines traditional techniques and theory with disruptive concepts – unmanned aerial koala detection is one of those.

Thank you once again to our lovely sponsors who will be funding food for all.



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