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It is clear to all of us that the world of Geo reaches beyond our day to day activities and those of the professional bodies that represent the industry, the vendors and conferences we make annual trips to.

With the reach of Geo into all types of applications, in front and behind the firewall, how can the Rabble keep up? Fortunately today we are blessed with tech that makes us as obese and lazy as a Sloth in a Central American jungle covered in moss. Today by simply turning on our smartphones or opening a browser we get delivered great insight, trends and information from all walks of life and parts of the globe.

The problem is who are the real contributors and who are mere confectionery? Well we hope the following list of people, sites and blogs we recommend you check out helps this conundrum and builds your GeoTribe and knowledge.

Many of these people remind us of the fun, passion and dedication to geo that got us first started in this business. From cartographers who can dissect with brutal intellect online maps, to Ronin who wander the landscape tearing apart marketing and tech Newspeak to people behind the vendor brands that break through the marketing and give us insight into what drives them and their need to spread the value of Geo.

Enjoy and feel free to add your own we hope this can become an evolving source of great resources that help you stay in touch and inspire.

In no particular order;

Strange Maps | Big Think – Frank Jacobs

Awesome blog where Frank really challenges what you think a Map is and how it can be constructed.

Dave Bouwman – CTO and Senior Software Architect with DTSAgile and comes across as a real nice guy.

Great source of GeoDev insight across a variety of platforms and really shares his experience and pride in the work he and his team do.


Fortius One – the geocommons and GeoIQ guys, regularly show some of the excellent work they achieve with their platform.

@seangorman is the founder and president of Fortius One but he doesn’t stray too far from the technology and regularly posts some great tweets on interesting trends and solutions.

James Fee – ahh where can we begin, this is one man that can easily cut through the tech and marketing words and give quite insightful and cutting remarks. The debates that his blog generates are also worth checking out.

Always has good insight into development paths, patterns and GIS technology and trends.

Blog is

James is also on Twitter, just be prepared for some baseball overload every now and then-> @cageyjames – Just simply OMG Justin O’Beirne has just an amazing cartographic eye that is phenomenal at picking up detail that so many of us are unaware of.

Paul Ramsey – An angry, passionate and true believer in all things open source. Can be polemic, but we like personality and passion. Great starting point into the world of FOSS4G, PostGIS and Open source.

Dave Smith – Currently US Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Environmental Information, and working as national program manager for EPA’s Facility Registry System

Really good insight into US government geospatial projects.

Can also be followed on twitter -> @DruidSmith

Bill Rankin over at radical cartography does a great a blog and we love his desire to experiment code and try new things. Check out his projects over at Some challenging ideas and experiments, really likes to use cartography as a communication media.

Geospatial Revolution – If you don’t know about this then what rock have you been hiding under? No seriously where have you been hiding? This is a great project by Penn State and it is a well produced, well researched, documentary about the changing Geo world, yes that means you and me and the work that we do.

In the immortal words of Molly Meldrum, do your self a favour and get hooked into the Geospatial revolution episodes.

James Cheshire and his research blog over at does some great post on the UK geoscene

Also on twitter – @spatialanalysis

Worth Checking Out

Matt Ball@spatialsustain

Focuses on sustainability issues with you guessed it geo. Associated with vector1 media –

Jan Willem van Eck@JWvanEck

Dutch GIS Strategist at Esri Netherlands and has his own site all in Dutch mind you but some of his tweets are gems.

Thierry Gregorius@Thierry_G

Yes people we have a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society. Sounds kind of stuffy but Thierry’s tweets and blog are anything but

His blog can be found here ->


His profile says it all. Suspicious pseudo GIS geek. Also has a great blog that shares some his struggles with leading a development team and his involvement in Open Geo.

Mapbutcher blog is here ->

Jim Barry@JimBarry

All round super geodev nerd at Esri Inc. Runs the developer program

Jeff Harrison@JeffHarrison

This man plays with everything but focuses on his work at the using Gaia and open GIS standards

Victoria Kouyoumjian@VKouyoumjian

Victoria is basically in charge of Esri Inc cloud and new technology strategies. Worth watching to see where Esri Inc might be heading next

Chris Tweedie@christweedie

WA geogeek, formerly from Landgate now at ERDAS and shares his fun with geo over at

Valerie Yakich@GeoEntelechy

You could say just another geogeek but so much more.

Mansour Raad@mraad

You want Flex development this is your man. Leads the Flex charge at Esri Inc.

Michael Schlosser@engis

Loves his BIM and GIS and works a lot with Autodesk, but comes from a engineering background and give a good perspective from that side of geo.

Art Haddad@ajhaddad

Hard core Microsoft Geodev geek over at Esri Inc. Leads the dev over there and you can see he loves his work

Morten Nielsen –  @SharpGIS

He did this and it is reason enough to follow him ->

His blog is also worthwhile to get more detail and insight ->

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