5th Anniversary of GeoRabble Sydney – Call for Speakers

When a group of friends got together and wanted to create a simple forum to allow their community of fellow GeoGeeks to share the joys, frustrations and triumphs of all things Geo, little did they know they would still be at 5 years later and that it has spawned events across 6 Australian Cities and two other countries, New Zealand and South Africa.

Over the last five years we have had many laughs, have been inspired and learnt so much from a huge spectrum of users of location information from the novice to the professional and beyond. Thank you to all of you that have stepped up and shared your stories.

We are not stopping now!

Our next GeoRabble to celebrate our 5th Anniversary will be held on April the 7th and as always these events are fuelled by your stories.

So come and join the celebrations and send us your topics for this community milestone.

You can submit your topics using the following form and look forward to seeing all our fellow friends in Geo on the 7th of April at a new venue.

The Sydney GeoRabble Crew.