Georabble Perth #14 Rises for the Machines

Spring in Perth brought a record local crowd of 120 Georabblers together to talk about “The Rise of the Machines”. For the first time we were joined by a few more via a (more or less) live telecast on Periscope.

The always original David Brady dusted-off his MC hat for the night to introduce the speaker line-up to talk about life in a post Lake Maid drone world, and the reality of training computer algorithms as well as humans. The Georabble Perth team give a call out to NGIS Australia and LandgateWALIS for feeding and watering a hungry group of Rabblers.

We kicked-off with Matt Barrett with a “Game of Drones” – covering a lot of ground as you can with drones for utilities. That got the Rabblers and friends talking about everything drone –from piloting to farming.

Piers Higgs, resplendent in a (way too) clean and crisp Maps WA uniform talked about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly drone pilots. Piers had plenty of material to work with on why mixing amateur model plane pilots, drones and fires are such a bad idea. The Georabble Perth team give a second call out to get involved in the Maps WA volunteer team – ping to get in touch.

Fedja Hadzic, the guy with the best job title in the room – Inventor – walked us through about how he’s training computer algorithms to explore big data, including coming-up with the right questions to ask so we don’t wait centuries to get “42”.

Robert Lednor picked-up the Drones thread again – attempting to explore “not just the cool stuff”. Lucky for our Rabblers it’s hard to make geo un-cool – so Robert just kept exploring.

We wrapped up Georabble #14 with Mark Taylor on the Certainty of Uncertainty – kicking off with a visual geo-quiz on some pretty ancient hardware and challenging us to think about who uses what we create and what they really need.

A couple of newbies discovered us via Twitter on #georabbleper. We hope see you all again, with your friends at Georabble Perth #15 on GIS Day – Wednesday, November 18, 2015. Stay tuned via #georabbleper for more info soon.

GeoRabble Tas #5, October 29th

GeoRabble Tas #5

GeoRabble Tas #5 is booked in for the 29th of October, and as usual, is at the Republic Bar in North Hobart from 5 pm until around 7 pm. We’ve got the support of Pelican Corp for this event (thanks guys!).

Presenters include:

  • Steve Harwin, with a presentation titled ‘Drones for mapping natural landforms – how accurate can we get?’
  • Colin Mazengarb, talking about ‘Working with Point Clouds in the Geoscience Arena – opportunities and challenges’
  • Ferenc (Frank) Acs, talking about ‘BIM: Impacts and Opportunities’
    Rob Musk, talking about ‘Some LiDAR applications in Forest management’
  • Tim Bendall, talking about the trials and tribulations of mobile mapping.

See you there!
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Registrations open for #PetGeoPeeves & #PetGeoLoves

The #PetGeoPeeves & #PetGeoLoves  are coming through thick and fast with a great range of ideas and discussions points worthy of beer and pizza at the next GeoRabble Sydney on Oct the 1st – register for free here

From the rise of maps as fashion, thank you Open Street Map, to tracking pick-ups on Uber to spleen venting on KMZ’s as the new PDF’s and let’s not forget the frustrating inconsistencies in data.

If you have a pet geo peeve or love, big or small, send through your ideas to and share your burden or pleasure with a great crew of like minded GeoRabblers.

Also keep the twitter conversation going by using the #PetGeoPeeves & #PetGeoLoves tags.

Pizza’s are kindly supplied courtesy of Pitney Bowes and Mercury Project Solutions, who are sponsoring this event.

The GeoRabble crew

Sponsored by Mercury Project Solutions

Call for Speakers – GeoRabble Sydney

#GeoPetPeeves vs #GeoPetLoves

GeoRabble has always been about personal stories and having fun. So at the next GeoRabble on October the 1st at the Occidental Hotel starting at 6pm, we want to hear humorous outpourings on geo pet peeves and loves.

If you bemoan the mass adoptions of hexabins, the misuse of projections or love the way maps online have evolved to become the must have visualisation everywhere, this GeoRabble is for you.peeves_vs_loves

We want spleen venting, expression of adoration, letters of complaints and contented purring on any topic big or small. For balance we are aiming for 3 presenters on each side of the spectrum.

Send through your ideas to

Oh… and for an extra bit of fun for this GeoRabble we have added an extra rule to the standard rules, you have to start your presentation with a geo related joke!

Here is a one of our favourites

How do geographers meet their husband or wife?




They Datum!

Keep an eye out on twitter as we start the stream of ideas using the hashtags #PetGeoPeeves & #PetGeoLoves and join in the conversation. The best ones we will share at GeoRabble on the big screen.

Looking forward to sharing your stories, beers, pizzas and geo jokes.

Register here to attend.

Remember: GeoRabble is free to attend, as is the Pizza, courtesy of Pitney Bowes, who are sponsoring this event!

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