GeoRabble Tas #1 – State of the Web Map

The first GeoRabble Tas is on and it’s going to be a web-mapping special. We’ve got speakers covering many aspects of the web, from Open Layers to Open Source, from big, complex statewide basemaps to foundational open data initiatives in local government.

We’ve got four speakers, a great sponsor, a tidy venue, good food… All we need is you to come along and make the event great! Book in here: If you have an idea of a good speaker or topic, or if you’re interested in helping run an event in the future, drop by the Google+ Community.


When: from 5 – 7pm on 14th Nov, 2013

Where: Upstairs at the Tattersalls Hotel


  • Mark Chiltott – DPIPWE

  • Andrew Betlehem – Geometry

  • Alex Crothers – Launceston City Council

  • Peter Corlett – ESRI Australia

What: Four short talks followed by a panel session of question and answer.

How much: Geometry are sponsoring, so there’s free food and free entry.

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