1st Rule of GeoRabble: You are Georabble

To keep to the 1st and 3rd Rule of GeoRabble, the next Sydney event is going to be a celebration and a chance for you to influence the next events.

What are we celebrating?

We are absolutely amazed and stunned at how the GeoRabble idea has spread across the geo community. How it has been embraced, the energy, the commitment and the passion.

  • Over 380 fellow GeoRabblers have attended GeoRabble’s across the country.
  • 29 Presentations have been given by passionate and clever individuals
  • 5 Events have been held across the country
  • 3 GeoRabbles in Sydney, 1 GeoRabble in Perth and last but not least 1 GeoRabble in Melbourne
  • Importantly 8 Sponsors have kindly supported the events making sure you get a quality event

How can you be GeoRabble?

Come to the 1st of December drinks and tell us your thoughts.

  • What worked or didn’t work.
  • Different event formats
  • You want to join the organising Rabble
  • Like the venue, or not.
  • Bring back the Pizzas!

All ideas are more than welcome and we will throw them into the mix for next year.

So come along to the Occidental Hotel (near Wynyard Station) where we held the first ever GeoRabble, at 6pm on Thursday 1st December and we are looking forward to some great conversations and fun.

Please register at http://georabblexmas.eventbrite.com (it’s free, as always)

GeoRabble Sydney Christmas drinks

Celebrate the start of the Xmas season with GeoRabble Sydney Christmas drinks!

We’ll be meeting at the Occidental Hotel (near Wynyard Station) at 6pm on Thursday 1st December.

This is purely a social event, so there won’t be any presentations – just networking with fellow geo-geeks, and chatting about maps, beers and datums.

Stay tuned for more details…

On Whereness and Two days of Aussie GeoRabble!


Photo Credit: Anne Helmond on Flickr

Tonight (Tuesday 8th) our friends at GeoRabble Perth carry the mantle for expanding geohorizons in Australia. There is a renewed energy, spirit and desire for change behind the GeoRabble initiative. With increasing recognition of  the importance of Whereness – knowing where everything or everybody is located – as a potential new disruptive technology. GeoRabble is an expression of the Zeitgeist, the changed spirit of the age, as Australia faces new challenges and more people will need help from mapping technology to manage an increasingly uncertain world.

Batman and Robin graffitti
Holy Cow!!!!#$#!@1! Where are we batman?  Photo Credit: Anne Helmond on Flickr

Meanwhile, tomorrow (Wednesday 9th) is GeoRabble Melbourne and the organizers send an incredibly gigantic thank you to the speakers who are donating their time, excellent ideas and energy! We’re really proud to have you on board! We thoroughly look forward to experiencing your presentations in such a unique environment that we hope will be free of industry pushes and pulls like most other events targeted at our audience.

MELBOURNE EVENT SCHEDULE (times  assumed to have an -ish after them but presentations to be no more than 10 min incl. questions):

5.30-6pm –  people arrive & earlybirds get to hook into a free drink / mingle with peers

6.25pm –  Crowd settle/MC intro, thanks to sponsors, explanation of schedule, and intro from one of the founding Sydney GeoRabble organisers, Cisco Urbina.

6.30 –  Presenter 1: MILOS PELIKAN – A Journey in Perception and Representation; a cook’s tour of how representation influences what we think is possible.

6.40 – Presenter 2: CLAUDIA ABERL –  To 3D or not to 3D, That is the Question – What is All the 3D Craze About? 3D modelling – review of the 3D models available – what’s good, what’s bad and what’s reality. Presentation will explore some examples of 3D models (Geelong, Melbourne, Frankston, Ballarat) created using different GIS 3D packages; Where is the line between GIS reality (Accuracy and reliability) and model (facades and texture) become blurred – what’s all the craze about?

6.50 –  Presenter 3: STEWART HAY – Losing My Religion – Them’s fightin’ words… a look at where GIS fits as an ‘industry’

7.00 –  Presenter 4: Martin VON WYSS – Melbourne Meetup Map Feelup – We all have an uncle in the emergency services who has claimed that “a printed map with a bullet through it will serve a soldier better than an electronic device with a bullet through it”. And we have probably all insisted at one time that interactive web mapping applications are great because they let the user choose the colours that are prettiest.Let’s put tired cliches and absurd arguments aside and begin the healing by conceding that the digital and analogue words can work together nicely. And since we’re all in the same room, let’s look at some cool examples.

7.10 –  Presenter 5: ANDREW WISE (or Laura if Andrew is still unwell) – Uh Oh, Where Did the Rest of My Road Go? Blocked roads create recurring problems for emergency services organisations. Valueable time is lost when emergency vehicles enter from the wrong end of an noncontinuous road and have to double back. Andrew does some clever techy network analysis on Vicmap Transport in SQL and finds incredible numbers of these blocked-roads across Victoria.

7.20 – Presenter 6: ROHAN FERNANDO – Google Earth Builder: Under the Hood – Bring your spanners and grease-monkeys, we’re going in! So what’s really under there?

7.30 – Really quick thanks again to sponsors & draw the door prize (iPad) winner before everyone runs out the door. We may throw this in at an earlier time depending on how time goes / the vibe of the night.

Expanding Geo-Horizons

Stimulating the geo minded people in Western Australia is not a hard thing. We are blessed with great weather, fantastic opportunities and a community that is strong and vibrant. One might say that there isn’t a geo-person who isn’t more than 1 or 2 links away from another geo person.  In recent years a foreshadow has crept into the community where too often we hear comments stating it is the same people, the same technologies always presenting and promoting the industry.

GeoRabble aims to challenge that concept where like minded people (geo or other) can get together and celebrate the ideas, the innovations and yes even the ‘weird’ where corporations, brands are not the highlight of the show. It is perhaps with this last thought the reason why the inaugural GeoRabble for Perth sold out in record time.

Short, sharp interesting presentations is the name of the game for GeoRabble and the first Georabble (only a few days away now) has organised a great line-up of speakers.

  • Maurits van der Vlugt (The origins of GeoRabble)
  • Nicholas Flett (Imposing Order Onto Chaos – human beings perceiving a living world)
  • John Roberts (Mapping Land Disturbance in Rangelands via Photogrammetry)
  • Tom Brownlie (GIS is dead)
  • Drew France (The Cholera Epidemic – A spatial review)
  • Steve Snow (Looking at LiDAR)

GeoRabble Perth looks to be a fantastic night on the 8th of November (the Generous Squire, Perth) with a full house and food proudly put on by Gaia Resources we look forward to seeing you there.

p.s. There will be a door prize of a free ticket to the first GeoRabble Melbourne event scheduled for the 9th of November (you have to make your own way there). After all, we in Western Australia have never shied away from helping other states with their events. 🙂

More Info on GeoRabble can be found at: https://georabble.org/ If you are interested in speaking at the second GeoRabble Perth please contact us at perth@georabble.org